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New Books for Fall 2023

As the air turns crisp and the leaves begin to dance, the world of knitting welcomes a delightful array of new books to inspire your fall crafting endeavors. From innovative ways to organize your beloved yarn stash to imaginative patterns that bring beloved characters to life, this season’s lineup is a treasure trove of creativity.

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Witchy Stitchery Knitting Products

Delve into the enchanting world of witchcraft-inspired knitting notions that will infuse your projects with an aura of mystique and charm. From bewitching stitch markers that guide your path to spellbinding project bags that cradle your yarn like enchanted talismans, each item has been curated to bring a touch of the supernatural to your knitting experience. Whether you’re a seasoned witch of wool or a novice embracing the magical art, these knitting essentials will have you knitting incantations into every stitch. Join us in crafting where yarns intertwine with the mystical to create truly enchanting masterpieces.

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Mystic Moons Knitting Products

Unveil a world of celestial stitching with our curated roundup of moon-themed knitting products and notions. Dive into the enchanting realm of yarn crafts as you explore a collection that pays homage to the mystique and allure of the moon. From crescent stitch markers that guide your progress to yarn ball moon stickers, every item in this selection is designed to elevate your knitting experience to lunar heights. Illuminate your knitting journey with lunar yarn bowls, mystic needle protectors, and moonlit pin and stickers that gleam like silver beams. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just beginning to unravel the wonders of knitting, these moon-themed essentials will add a touch of celestial elegance to your projects. Join us in celebrating the interstellar art of knitting under the moon’s gentle glow.

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New Knitting Books for Late Summer 2023

Embark on a knitting adventure with this diverse round-up of books. “Homegrown Flax and Cotton” and “Newfoundland Knits for Little Ones” explore the world of natural fibers and traditional knitting, providing valuable insights and inspiring projects. “Knitter’s Guide to Gloves” and “Fair Isle” offer in-depth instruction on specific knitting techniques, while “Neat Knitting Techniques” focuses on achieving impeccable finishes. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced knitter, these books offer creativity, knowledge, and the joy of creating beautiful knitted pieces.

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Trending Now: Highland Cows Knitting Products

Welcome to a charming collection of knitting products inspired by the majestic Highland cows! Immerse yourself in the rustic beauty of the Scottish countryside with this round-up of Highland cow-themed knitting goodies. Whether you’re an avid knitter, a nature enthusiast, or simply captivated by these iconic bovines, these products will bring a touch of Highland magic to your knitting experience.

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Trending Now: Froggy Knitting Products

Hop into the delightful world of frog-inspired knitting products! Whether you’re treating yourself or looking for the perfect gift for a fellow knitter, this round-up of frog-inspired knitting products is a leap in the right direction. Let the joy and playfulness of frogs infuse your knitting projects and remind you to embrace every stitch, frogging included. So grab your knitting needles, embrace the froggy spirit, and let the knitting magic begin!

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Trending Now: Mushroom Knitting Products

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a fellow knitter or simply want to indulge in the joy of mushroom-themed knitting, this round-up of products is the perfect place to start. Whether you choose stitch markers, stickers, project bags, or any combination thereof, you’ll find yourself immersed in the magical world of mushrooms every time you reach for your knitting supplies. Let the charm of fungi enhance your knitting journey and infuse it with a touch of nature’s enchantment.

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Maroon Knitting Products

In this round-up, you’ll discover a curated selection of yarn, each skein radiating the same fiery spirit as Taylor’s evocative words. With names like “So Scarlet It Was Maroon” and “Off With Her Red,” these yarns embody the depth and intensity found within the lyrics of “Maroon.” Let these rich maroon shades ignite your creative flame and inspire your knitting journey.

Whether you’re a devoted Swiftie or simply appreciate the depth of emotion in knitting, this collection will captivate and inspire. Wrap yourself in the allure of maroon hues, immersing yourself in a world where yarn and music converge. With our Maroon round-up, you can create garments that reflect the essence of Taylor Swift’s artistry, while expressing your own unique knitting voice.

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Lavender Haze Knitting Products

In this round-up, you’ll find a curated selection of yarn, all in stunning lavender shades. Step into a world of enchantment with our Lavender Haze round-up, inspired by Taylor Swift’s captivating song by the same name. Immerse yourself in the dreamy essence of lavender hues and indulge in a collection of yarn that embodies the magic of the lyrics.

To enhance the ambiance of your knitting experience, light up the “Lavender Dreams” candle from our round-up. Let its soothing fragrance fill the air, creating a serene atmosphere as you immerse yourself in the world of knitting. This candle is the perfect companion, encapsulating the essence of “Lavender Haze” and adding a touch of Taylor Swift magic to your creative space.

Wrap yourself in the tranquility of lavender hues, immerse yourself in a lavender haze, and experience the magic that unfolds when music and knitting unite. Let the yarn transport you to a world where lavender dreams become reality, one stitch at a time.

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New Knitting Books for Summer 2023

Immerse yourself in the world of knitting with this diverse round-up of books. From playful animal patterns in “Knit Mini Safari Animals” to the artistry of Fair Isle knitting in “Fair Isle Knitting,” these books offer inspiration for knitters of all skill levels. Explore stitch dictionaries, coastal-inspired knits, traditional Norwegian designs, and the beauty of mosaic knitting. Dive into baby knits, texture effects in machine knitting, and master the art of machine knitting with these informative and creative resources. Each book invites you to embark on a knitting journey filled with creativity, technique, and stunning projects.

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