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Vanishing Fleece

Explore the world of wool with in this new book where you follow Clara Parkes on her journey through America’s mills, farms and herds of sheep. Meet shepherds and dyers who are the reason your knitting needles are never empty. Plus, get a behind-the-scenes look into this fascinating industry! After reading this book, you’ll be tempted to buy a sheep of your own.

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Finger Knitting for Kids: Super Cute & Easy Things to Make

“Look mom, no needles!” If you have a child that keeps begging you to teach them how to knit, this book is the best place to start. Forget needles, start with your own fingers! This is a great way for you and your child to knit together. Plus, the patterns are super easy. From hair ties to scarves, all you need is some yarn and your hands to get started.

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Cable Knits from Nordic Lands: Knitting Beauty and Ingenuity in Over 20 Unique Patterns

Contemporary Scandinavian design comes together with cables in Swedish designer Ivar Asplund’s new book of patterns. Gorgeous photographs of each design grace the pages of this stunning collection for children and adults. From sweaters to accessories, you can see the traditional cables being brought into the forefront of modern and fashionable design in each pattern. There are step-by-step instructions throughout and a section of fundamental cabling techniques that every knitter will appreciate. Don’t miss our exclusive book excerpt of the Arrow Sweater!

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Vampire Knitting Club Excerpt

The Vampire Knitting Club

Excerpt © 2018 Nancy Warren

Chapter One

Cardinal Woolsey’s knitting shop has appeared on postcards celebrating the quaint views of Oxford, of which there are many. When a visitor has tired of writing ‘wish you were here’ on the back of pictures of the various colleges, the dreaming spires, and the dome of the

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Lace Knitting: 40 Openwork Patterns, 30 Lovely Projects, Countless Ideas & Inspiration

If you’re ready to take your knitting to another level, look no further than this new book featuring gorgeous openwork projects all with hints of lace. Packed with 40 openwork patterns, 30 projects, step-by-step instructions, full-color photographs and charts, knitters will discover a variety of lacework inside, from deceptively simple to beautifully intricate. Have fun incorporating lace into all sorts of projects, including new pillows, blankets, socks, hats, garments for children and adults, and even a handy bookmark! This book is everything a new knitter needs to master lacework from start to finish.

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Selbu Mittens: Discover the Rich History of a Norwegian Knitting Tradition

Can’t seem to get enough of knit mittens? It’s time to get your hands on Selbu Mittens — a unique dive into the gorgeous and inspiring techniques used by classic Norwegian knitting and Selbu patterning. Known for dramatic contrasts and intricate motifs, Selbu patterning played an essential in the economic and cultural development of the Selbu region. Featuring more than 500 colorwork charts and 35 completed classic patterns for mittens and gloves, this heavily researched book is a must have for any knitting enthusiast.

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Tamarack Wood Buttons with Bark

Handmade from Tamarack, a variety of deciduous conifer trees common in Canada, these oval buttons are just what your cozy knits are asking for this season. Unique grain patterns are highlighted with a glossy clear coat sealant for beauty and protection while the edges maintain their original bark for a natural finish.

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Cabin Yarn Hugger

If you’re tired of your yarn ball unraveling from the outside seemingly every time you move, this yarn hugger is the solution. Featuring whimsical forest trees and snow-capped mountains, this yarn hugger is the perfect gift to give yourself this season. Handmade in Alaska out of stretchy jersey knit fabric, this hugger will also protect your skein from getting dirty

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Rustic Knitting Notions Set

Gorgeous, rustic and vintage inspired, this notions set is perfect for everyday use and perhaps some stylized photos for your knitting instagram. In each set you’ll receive embroidery yarn scissors, two brass stitch holding pins, 15 brass removable bulb stitch markers, 10 snag-free fixed loop stitch markers, three embroidery/yarn needles, a swatch gauge and a laser-etched knitting needle gauge. Buy one for yourself and one for your yarn-loving friend — it makes an incredible gift!

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