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Kristen TenDyke is a knit and crochet designer who lives in Maine. She's a work-at-home mom who spends most of her free time playing with eco-friendly yarns and thinking up seamlessly constructed sweaters. She is the author of Finish-Free Knits (Interweave Press, 2012), Knitting Maine (Caterpillar Knits, 2013) and No-Sew Knits (Interweave Press, 2014). She is the creator of Caterpillar Knits, established in 2010 to supply pattern support for eco-friendly (organic; fair trade; recycled; vegan; low impact, natural or no dyes; low carbon footprint) yarns. See more of Kristen's designs on and Join Kristen online by following her on Twitter or Ravelry as KristenTenDyke

Finish-Free Knits:
Knitting Maine:
No-Sew Knits:

Projects by Kristen TenDyke

Winter Ridge Infinity Scarf

This extra-long scarf can wrap around your neck twice for extra warmth and coziness. The ribbing on the edges of this piece contrasts the garter ridges. The eyelets break up the stitch pattern, making it an interesting knit!

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Serene Sips Cardigan

We all love the bright colors of summer, but the Serene Sips Cardigan gives your wardrobe a nice balance with its calm, laid-back feeling. Plus, the intricate stitches look beautiful and will test your skills with a unique side-to-side and top-down construction.

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Pistachio Pullover

A unique construction makes this a really fun sweater to knit. Plus, it’s knit top down, which means you can try it on as you go. No more worrying about fit issues!

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Agave Cardigan

There is something so perfect about cozying up in a cabled and textured cardigan. That was my inspiration for this—to make something blissfully cozy and warm. The narrow front cables mimic the wide central back cable panel for some unification, and the rest is knit in a cozy, textured Moss stitch.

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Go with the Snow Scarf

This cozy and squishy cabled scarf is perfect for wrapping up in! Featuring a horseshoe cable panel in the center of the project and moss stitch on the edges, you’ll love the end result of this charming piece.

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Frozen Waterfall Accessories

This snazzy hat-and-mittens set has a fun construction. The cables on the brim of the hat, and fingers of the mitts are knit sideways, then the ribbing stitches are picked up along one side and knit away. You’ll love making this cute set that’s perfect for gift giving.

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