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Frozen Waterfall Accessories

This snazzy hat-and-mittens set has a fun construction. The cables on the brim of the hat, and fingers of the mitts are knit sideways, then the ribbing stitches are picked up along one side and knit away. You’ll love making this cute set that’s perfect for gift giving.

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Richmond Graphic Blanket

The blanket is comprised of four rectangles, each bisected into a black and a white triangle, created by a simple intarsia technique. Using increases and decreases along the diagonal, you get a nice smooth line at the color change. The blanket is worked in two pieces for ease of handling, and these are sewn together at the end. It’s knit in a cozy bulky weight yarn for the maximum in warmth.

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Winter Leg Huggers

From my student days trudging through the snow to the lecture halls to giving the dogs a run in nearby snow-covered fields, these leg warmers add an extra layer of warmth and a splash of individuality. These knee-high legwarmers are inspired by the textures of frost-encrusted stems and branches, and the fissures, knarls and knots of bark which become the dominant features of trees in winter.

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Cozy Does It Cardi

Cozy cardigans are one of our favorite things about the weather getting cooler. They’re perfect for snuggling up in and keeping warm, even while the wind whips chilly air around us from all sides. This cardi has it all ― beautiful colors, secret pockets, cozy front panels and sleeves that stay in place.

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