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Lotus Shawl

The Lotus Shawl, made up of dainty lotus flowers and leaves, is a lace-lover’s delight. This delicate and lightweight shawl is the perfect summer accessory.

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Lace Dance Shawl

The Lace Dance Shawl is a wonderful triangular shawl that is worked from the center of the neck down. It follows two lovely patterns; one for the body and one for the Crest of the Wave edging.

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April Showers Shawl

Sometimes all you need is a simple lace pattern and a lovely yarn that’s easy on the eyes and the hands. The alpaca bamboo blend yarn is ridiculously soft with a subtle sheen from the bamboo. This simple charted shawl is excellent for lace beginners. This shawl can easily be made larger by working more repeats of the Body Chart.

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Coral Sands Shawl

This cozy, wearable, V-shaped wrap is the perfect shape for wrapping around yourself and is easier than crescents or half-circle shapes. The design starts with a lace edging for the lower and side edges and then decreases are used to create the angles that make the shape. Lacy stripes of different textures will show off a pretty yarn.

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Ocean Spray Shawl

Ocean Spray is a long triangular shawlette or scarf that is just the right length to wrap around the neck once. Garter stitch is knit to a looser gauge to create a soft cushy fabric that drapes nicely, and the lacy edge provides interest and charm. This shawlette is perfect to wear underneath a coat or as an accent piece in warmer weather.

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Rose Trellis Shawl

So soft and drapey, this lovely spring shawl is knit from side to side and is made up of garter stitch sections, an easy-to-learn lace pattern in the trellis sections and edgings, and a center panel of lace medallion roses. This gorgeous shawl is perfect for intermediate knitters and is just the thing to make for a lovely present.

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Beaded Plumes Stole

Shades of blue from variegated yarn flow seamlessly into one another to form this light and airy springtime shawl. The addition of small seed beads throughout the simple stitches adds a hint of elegance and some shimmer to your look.

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