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Twisted Peppermint Slippers

These fun slippers come together fast and will be your go-to cozy companion for winters at home. The finished, flexible style of the slipper is achieved with traditional cuff-down, sock construction techniques and a combination of working flat and in the round.

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Arizona Afghan

Channel a southwestern style with this bold afghan. Treat yourself to a single-panel afghan that emulates traditional desert design while you learn to work up this clever combination of linen stitch, stranded colorwork, slipped stitches and a dash of intarsia.

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Mod Maze Pillow

mod maze pillow

These green rounds capture the essence of a summer stroll through a freshly manicured lawn. Worked flat from the center out, this throw pillow is a great way to learn construction techniques to help you level up your knitting skills.

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Ruby Stole

Master simple short rows, twisted stitches, and basic lace by working up the Ruby Stole. Its many different elements combine to form a pear shape inspired by one of the many forms rubies take. This versatile piece can complement both your day dresses and your more upscale night attire.

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Shawl You’ll Ever Need

Shawl You’ll Ever Need

This lovely lacy shawl is knit left to right using a relaxing, easy-to-memorize lace stitch pattern. As you knit, you will increase from the cast on end until you reach the body of the shawl. One end of the piece includes a pouch-like shape designed to fit around one shoulder to aid in easy wear. See our photo tutorial below for tips on how to style this project!

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Forever Diamonds Legwarmers

These sporty legwarmers are great for running in frigid weather and for warming up after your run. They feature easy knit and purl textured stitches and a pop of color at the edges. They are worked in the round with an edging that incorporates ribbing and smoothly transitions into the pattern on the body of the piece. Knit in a cozy worsted weight for the maximum in warmth.

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Forever Diamonds Cowl

This appealing cowl features easy knit and purl textured stitches and a pop of color at the edges. It is worked in the round with an edging that blends into the pattern on the body of the item. Knit in a sport weight, this cowl is perfect for chilly weather.

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Ready, Set, Stitch: Double Seed Stitch

To begin, cast on an even number of stitches in multiples of 4.

Double Seed Stitch Pattern (DSS)

Rows 1-2: *K1, p1; rep from * to end.

Rows 3-4: *P1, k1; rep from * to end.

Rep Rows 1-4 for pattern.

To begin the row, knit 1 stitch.  Purl the next stitch.

Repeat these two stitches across the row.  At the

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