Arrowhead Hat and Mitten Set

The Arrowhead Hat and Mitten set is the ideal winter set for any cold-weather activity. Featuring a simple arrowhead design and the duplicate stitch technique, this set will match any winter outfit. Plus, it makes for a great last-minute gift.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Size: 17”-23” circumference (unstretched – stretched); 11” high without the pompom

Gauge: 24 sts x 4’’ (10 cm) in ribbing pattern with 4.0 mm needles, unstretched



Medium Weight Yarn Malabrigo Worsted (100% merino wool; 210 yards [192 meters]/100 grams): Natural (C1, 1 skein), Water Green (C2, 1 skein), Sunset (C3, 1 skein)
Needles: US size 6 (4.0 mm) and US size 8 (5.0 mm) 16” circular needles for hat; US size 2.5 (3.0 mm) and US size 4 (3.5 mm) 40’’ circular needles (for magic loop) for mittens
Notions: 1 tapestry needle, 1 marker, medium pompom maker


Kfb: Knit the next stitch into the front and back
K tbl: Knit the stitch throught the back loop
k3tog: Knit 3 sts together
k2tog: Knit 2 sts together

Special Stitches

Duplicate Stitch Technique

Bring your needles from the back of the work to the front through the bottom point of the stitch, or a “V”, leaving a generous tail in the back so you can weave it in at the end. Thread the needle across the stitch above the one you are duplicating, then insert the needle back into the bottom of the “V”, in the same place where you began the duplicated stitch. 

Hat Pattern

With smaller needles and C1, using Long Tail Cast-On method, CO 96 sts.
Pm and join to work in the round, being careful not to twist your sts.

Work Ribbing Pattern

Rnds 1-14: *k1 tbl, p1*.
Change to larger needles and work Arrowhead Chart until the piece measures 10’’ / 25 cm from CO edge.
Changing the marker position:
Pick the marker up, slip 1 st to right needle, place marker again.
Work Arrowhead Crown chart.
Cut the yarn leaving a long tail. With tapestry needle pass the long tail through the sts on the needles a close tighly. Weave in ends and block.
With C3 make a pompom and attach it on the top of the hat.

Mittens Pattern (Make Two)

With smaller needles CO 44 sts, pm and join in the round being carefully not to twist your sts. Divide your sts on both needles with 22 sts on each one. You’ll work Stockinette stitch on both needles and “emboridery” the arrowhead pattern on the top with Duplicate Stitch technique.
Work all 44 st in ribbing pattern *k1, p1* for 8 rounds in total. Change to bigger needles and work in stockinette stitch for 18 rounds.
Rnd 1, Needle 1: K to 1 st before end, kfb (knit the stitch into the front and back). (1 st increased)
Rnd 1, Needle 2: Kfb, k to end. 1 st increased. (46 sts)
Rnd 2: K to end.
Repeat rounds 1 and 2 until there are 54 sts on your needles.
Leave the 5 last sts on needle 1 and the first 5 sts on needle 2 onto a stitch holder. Work again in ST st for 10 rounds.
Change to US2.5 (3mm) needle and work ribbing for 4 rounds:
*k1, p1*. BO.


With the US size 4 (3.5 mm) DPNs  and color 3, pick up and knit 1 st from the thumb’s base, place and knit the sts from the stitch holder, pick up and knit 1 stitch from the thumb’s base. Place marker. (12 sts)
Knit 6 rounds.
Change to smaller needles and work ribbing pattern for 2 rounds: *k1, p1*. Bind Off.
Turn one mitten so you have one thumb on the right and the other one on the left.
Using the Duplicate Stitch Technique, starting on row 3 and leaving 2 sts at the end (if thumb is on the right) or 2 sts at the beginning (is thumb is on the left), work Chart B.
Weave in ends and block. yarn ball

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