Fall Themed Knitting Products

Fall weather is knitting weather! We rounded up some wonderful fall-themed knitting essentials to get you in the fall knitting mood.


  1. Fall Knitting Tote, $27, etsy.com

  2. “Gold Leaf” Yarn Bowl, $44, etsy.com

  3. Coffee Lover Knitting Mug, $18.99, etsy.com

  4. Sweater Weather Mug, $17.25, etsy.com

  5. Thanksgiving Knitting Illustration, $36.90, etsy.com

  6. Hand-Dyed Storage Bag, $35, etsy.com

  7. Large Zippered Knitting Needle Case, $24, etsy.com

  8. Botanical Yarn Bowl, $45, etsy.com

  9. I Love Fall Most of All Mug, $17.25, etsy.com

  10. Falling Leaves Yarn Bowl, $35, etsy.com


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