Upcycled Knitting Needles

Show your love for knitting in a new way – with upcycled knitting needles! From jewelry to bookmarks to hair barrettes, these upcycled knitting needle pieces are a unique way to show your passion for your craft as well as making the earth a little more green.

  1. Knitting Needle Smashed Circles Earrings,
  2. Upcycled Knitting Needle Bracelet,
  3. Oh Knit!! Re-purposed Knitting Needle & Genuine Pearl Necklace,
  4. Knitting Needle Barrettes,
  5. Knitting Needle and Double Point Needle Shawl Pins,
  6. Knitting Needle 3 Loop Earrings,
  7. Vintage Knitting Needle Bangle Bracelet,
  8. Large Pink Durex Gauge 5 Knitting Needle Bangle,
  9. Knitting Needle Earrings,
  10. Knitting Needle ‘Not-So-Simple’ Bracelet,
  11. Knitting Needle Jewelry Bracelet – Long Bead,
  12. Custom Upcycled Recycled Needle Bookmark,


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