Knit Picks

Adjustable Straight Knitting Needle System

Cost: $29.95

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Are large and bulky projects on your knitting list this year? You may want to consider this needle system that helps you handle hundreds of stitches at a time. Made of rosewood, brass, and pliable nylon cord, these needles are  similar to bamboo in weight but much smoother for stitch transfer. Now you can see your large project laid out flat as opposed to circular needles.

Couch Arm Knitting Caddy

Cost: $35.00

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Stop digging in couch cushions for your missing stitch marker or needle, and get yourself a knitting caddy. With pockets for needles and yarn alike, everything is within arm’s reach. Now you can get up and make another cup of coffee without your needles disappearing or your yarn ball rolling to the floor.

Crafter’s Tool Station

Cost: $48.00

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This adorable handmade tool holder is made with makers in mind. Perfect for knitting needles, scissors, pencils and pens, this stoneware piece looks right at home on a craft room or office desk. The tiny holes are great for needles while the larger hole is great for scissors and other larger items.

Knitting – The Card Game

Cost: $30.00

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Get your knitting pals together and take on some strategic stitching in the form of a card game. Real yarn not needed, the game includes 116 cards with stunning photos of yarn, patterns, cast-ons and more. The object of the game? Earn points by stashing the right yarn, for the right pattern and play your hand. You’ll have to play to figure out your best strategy!