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Knit to Fit: How to Flatter Your Figure

Royal Cabled Pullover, From the December 2015 issue, by Olya Bagi

Magazines, red carpets, and fashion blogs are just three ways we find upcoming trends to incorporate into our daily lives, but sometimes those trends are not right for our body types. Dressing for your shape is important, but learning how to knit for your

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Totally Gifted!

As a knitter, you’re most likely used to making gifts for friends and family members, but what do you gift someone who’s a knitter as well? There are many trinkets, knitting supplies and all-around thoughtful gifts to give your favorite knitter, and most of them don’t require any crafting know-how! Keep reading for 10 knitter-approved

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Colorwork for Beginners

Creating knitwear that dazzles is easy when you work in color, but adding color isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Whether you want a simple striped sweater or you’re looking to challenge yourself and follow a complex Fair Isle pattern, there are a few simple tips to follow to ensure your work turning out

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10 Unexpected Uses for Knitting Needles

While working up a new project, have you ever thought: I love these needles, I wish I could use them all day long. Well lucky reader, with ten new uses for your favorite craft tools, now you can. No need to use your brand new knitting needles for these – any worn out or thrifted pair

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