Kristina Kittelson

Kristina Kittelson

Kristina only started knitting a couple of years ago, but fell hard and fast for the craft. Other than knitting, her hobbies include reading, writing, playing video games until sunrise, and eating stovetop popcorn by the gallon. She has a passion for animal welfare, and when she's not partaking in one of her three thousand hobbies, you can probably find her cuddling her spooky black cat, Echo.

Projects by Kristina Kittelson

Ready, Set, Stitch: Make One—Knitting M1R and M1L

M1L and M1R Swatch

If you’ve been knitting for more than a few days, you’ve probably seen the abbreviations “M1L” and “M1R” pop up in the patterns you’ve been perusing. As you may know already, these techniques are two of countless types of increases you can use in your knitting. For each instance, you create a new stitch in

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10 Reasons to Start a Knitting Instagram Account

If you’re social media-savvy, you might have noticed that I Like Knitting magazine has its own Instagram account, and it’s beautiful. There’s really nothing more marvelous than scrolling through hundreds of beautifully-photographed and artfully-designed knit pieces while daydreaming of your next project… even though you might have three on the needles, already.

Instagram is quickly taking

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Reverse Stockinette Stitch: How to Design Reversible Knitting Patterns for Scarves, Shawls, and Afghans

Reverse Stockinette Stitch Heart

Designing knitting patterns is equal parts a wonderful creative outlet and a frustrating, tedious process. Budding designers everywhere are faced with one particular problem when it comes to scarves, blankets, dishcloths, and other flat pieces that you don’t need to worry about with garments like hats and gloves: the wrong side. You’ll find yourself faced with two options when you’ve chosen a flat-knitted piece: you can create what is often a more intricate and beautiful design on one side of the item and try your best to only display the right side of the accessory, or you could attempt to design a reversible piece. One of the most interesting ways to make a piece reversible is through the use of reverse stockinette stitch.

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Ready, Set, Stitch: How to Insert Duplicate Stitch


1) Thread a darning needle with the contrasting color yarn.

Insert the darning needle from the wrong side up through bottom point of the “v” of the stitch over which you’d like the color, and pull from the skein enough yarn to complete at least this column of duplicate stitches. You can always cut and tie

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