Paola Albergamo

Paola Albergamo

Paola is a former software developer who lives in Rome. She is a life-long knitter, but in the last years, she has discovered so many new techniques and constructions! She wants to try them all, to push their boundaries if possible or to mix them together in unusual ways: Why not combine the brioche stitch with short rows? Or top-down construction sideways? Or lace with colorwork? Or...

Her style and taste favor interesting and/or funny knits to show humor, but the thing she loves most is simply to play and have fun with yarn. Her patterns have been published in Knitty, Knotions, and I Like Knitting.

Projects by Paola Albergamo

Mint for You Shrug


On your big day—or any other special occasion—you want to be wearing something that is both personally meaningful and one of a kind. This stunning shrug can live up to that challenge due to the floral lace stitch interspersed with many little shiny beads and its beaded picot bind off.

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Provisional Cast On Tutorial

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Learn how to do a provisional cast on with this lovely tutorial from Paola Albergamo. You can use this tutorial to help you complete the Boccioli Infinity Scarf from the April 2017 issue of I Like Knitting. Enjoy!

Take a length of waste yarn longer than the length of the finished CO, to comfortably hold all

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Boccioli Infinity Scarf

Boccioli Infinity Scarf

Boccioli (blossoms in Italian) is an infinity scarf worked sideways to the desired length, followed by some grafting. Its boldest feature is in its simple lacework that’s enlivened by small bobbles in a contrasting, yet delicate, color. The lace pattern resembles the leaves of Italian heirloom zucchini, with flowers on the top of some branches, each one presented in different lengths to mimic a natural flowering pattern. The design has intentionally a vintage feel, reminiscent of old-hand embroidery with its small bobbles integrated in the lace stitches and the use of a color choice with mild contrasts.

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Ready, Set, Stitch: How to Knit a Bobble



With MC, work to the stitch where to insert the Bobble.

Insert left needle under the yarn between last worked stitch and the one to be worked from front to back (as it to M1L).

With the yarn used for the Bobble, k1 in the backloop, leaving the stitch on needle.

Make a yarn over.

Knit 1 more stitch

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Aurora Boreale Infinity Scarf


Aurora Boreale (Aurora Borealis in Italian) is a cozy infinity scarf entirely worked in brioche stitch in the round, alternating rows worked using only one color with rows worked in two-color brioche stitch. The result is an eye-catching garment featuring icy shades of white and blue.

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Cinetico Cowl


Cinetico (Kinetic) is a fitted cowl. With its dynamic play of black and white it is reminiscent of Opt (or Kinetic) Art. The illusion of a curved zig-zag is obtained simply changing the place where to perform the decrease in a classical chevron pattern. So much movement added with this easy trick!

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Papa Vest


Knitting for men, especially for older ones, can be very frustrating: they don’t like anything that makes knitting so interesting: no cables, bold colors or rich textures, let alone lace! Knit something special for dad that incorporates colorwork, relaxing stockinette and no boring sleeves to knit.

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