Skill Level: Intermediate

Brainfreeze Hat


Brainfreezes are just a pesky side effect of scarfing down your favorite warm weather treat, but it won’t hurt when this ice cream cone goes to your head! Knit from the bottom up, this adorable, silly hat looks like an upside-down cone and will delight your fellow ice cream fanatics.

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Butterfly Wing Stole


Inspired by the dramatic beauty that can be found in nature, this stole adds grace to any dress, formal or casual. The design features a center panel of eyelet motifs flanked by cascading, petal-like curves that resemble ornate butterfly wings.

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The Modern Gentleman’s Pullover


This handsome design combines the styling of a baseball shirt with conventional Fair Isle motifs to form a new, modern tradition. The raglan sleeves give the sweater a casual but classy look, while the body features small peerie patterns in a color scheme of blue, burgundy, and tan.

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Lady Rosé Shawl


Arranged in a sophisticated drape, the timeless beauty of the Lady Rosé Shawl will set you apart from the crowd. The crescent shape and thick lace trim will make it a special addition to any outfit, so wrap up in this on your way out for a cool summer evening.

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Romantic Vineyard Top


Inspired by popular styles, this design revamps the contemporary t-shirt by adding ribbed trim and a gorgeous lace panel in the back, while its luxurious fawn color incorporates the warmth of the season for a truly romantic top.

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