February 2017: Table of Contents

A Note from the Editor

When you’re young, few things match the level of excitement that comes with the year’s first significant snowfall. Being from the Midwest, we occasionally get a dusting in December, but it’s not always enough to warrant playing outside. But when January rolls around, we’re almost guaranteed a giant bout of snow. As a child, this meant scrambling into the basement, where Mom had our snow pants, struggling with our warmest gloves, hats and boots, and trudging out into the cold with our two plastic sleds trailing behind us. Our destination? A tall pile of snow-covered wood chips located halfway down our backyard. The yard itself, peppered with evergreens and fruit trees, looked like a snow globe, everything quiet and still and frosted in thick snow.

As an adult, I rarely find time to sled anymore – though I still get excited about many winter activities: baking cookies, preparing that special cup of coffee spiked with peppermint or spending evenings indoors knitting up a new pattern.

To help you prepare for the bone-chilling weather ahead, we worked with our designers to create the most beautiful projects for the new year. From the casual, yet sophisticated, Afternoon Coffee Cardigan rich with cables and wooden clasps, to wooly wonders that are just as warm and cozy as they sound, you’ll find yourself ready to take on the end of winter in knit style.

But while we’re knitting up a storm to fend off those winter storms, let’s not forget the exciting season that lies ahead – spring! Spring will be here before you know it, so to ease into it we’ve also selected some of our favorite nature-inspired designs, including the Baby Bonita Dress. Knit in a delicate pink hue with a lace design reminiscent of fresh flowers, this dress makes the perfect gift for your next baby shower.

Happy knitting,

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This crewneck sweater is knitted from the bottom up with a clustered stitch pattern around the body and saddle shoulders above the sleeves. Plus, its body and sleeves are joined to a raglan construction, meaning only few stitches below the arms have to be seamed. You’ll love this simple and stylish piece! Read More 

Most knitters learn their craft from someone special—perhaps a parent, grandparent, or friend sat you down to explain the basics of that addictive first stitch. Yet knitting has been passed down not just from generation to generation, but from continent to continent, century to century, and there is a rich history just waiting to be… Read More 

These sporty legwarmers are great for running in frigid weather and for warming up after your run. They feature easy knit and purl textured stitches and a pop of color at the edges. They are worked in the round with an edging that incorporates ribbing and smoothly transitions into the pattern on the body of the piece. Knit in a cozy worsted weight for the maximum in warmth. Read More 

Special Stitches Cluster St Pattern Rnd 1: *K1, (k1, yo) 5 times; rep from * to end. Rnd 2: *K1, sl 5 sts as if to purl, letting yos drop and pulling sl sts to length, sl 5 sts back to left needle, (k5togtbl, yo) twice, k5togtbl; rep from * to end. Rnd 3: *K1,… Read More