Knit Picks

Handmade Knitting Teacups on Bamboo Needles

Cost: $12

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Sitting down with a new pattern is invigorating, and your supplies should live up to the challenge. Let your knitting personality shine with these spunky knitting needles. Cute, colorful, and handmade from polymer clay, these yarn-filled teacups add originality to the knitting process. You choose one of the seven colors, and they can be attached to whatever size bamboo needle you need.

Lorel-Eyes Yarn from Lorna’s Laces (A Tribute to the Gilmore Girls)

Cost: $25.00

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Once a fan of Gilmore Girls fan, always a fan of Gilmore Girls. If you’re still having withdrawals after the revival at the end of last year, then this yarn will help alleviate your homesickness for Stars Hollow and your favorite mother-daughter duo. Dyed to match the Girls’ dynamic blue-gray eyes, this sock yarn has a dreamy quality to it. Working up a project with Lorel-Eyes Yarn would be the perfect companion as you re-watch every episode at least five more times.

Red Wine Yarn Bowl with Hearts from Blue Room Pottery

Cost: $38.00

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If you love a knitter, then you don’t have to think twice about how to show them, especially if you’re struggling to decide what to do for Valentine’s Day this year. Spouses, siblings, knitting partners-in-crime—anyone would appreciate the gorgeous, deep red hues of this handmade ceramic yarn bowl. The heart-shaped spaces are decorative but subtle, and the slightly smaller size makes the bowl portable and lightweight.

Yarn Scrap Container: The ScrapMate in 3 Variations From Chetnanigans

Cost: $6

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“Waste not, want not” are wise words of advice, and every knitter knows that yarn scraps are a handy resource. Keeping up with those scraps, however, can make anyone want to just toss the whole lot out, which is why it’s so helpful to have convenient, compact storage like this container. Approximately 2.75 inches in length and width and 1.75 inches high, the design can be round, square, or hinged. The hole in the top is designed so that you can quickly push the scraps in while you’re working. Now, you can be prepared for that lovely scrap project waiting for you.