Knit Lit

Big.Knit.Love.: 20 Chunky Knit Fashions

There’s a reason everyone loves chunky knits right now: they’re bold, fast, and unique. If you have recently been tempted to investigate the buzz about those big needles but felt too intimidated, you now have the guide to walk you through using them step by step. Yarn weight gets bumped up, too—these 20 trendy patterns use sizes bulky and larger for a whole new knitting experience. Knitters of all skill levels will enjoy the chance to test out these designs for a fashionable 2017 wardrobe.

Paperback, 160Pages, $24.95, 978-1631864513

Dyeing to Spin & Knit: Techniques & Tips to Make Custom Hand-Dyed Yarns


The New Year is officially underway, and it’s time to try something really new. If you have always delighted in a rich new colorway when it hits the shelves, challenge yourself to the dyeing process on your own! Well, not really on your own, since SweetGeorgia Yarns founder and creative director Felicia Lo has brought this comprehensive guide to you. Learn about pooling effects, balancing the intensity of color, and the basics of hand-dyed fiber before testing out your new yarn on ten included knit patterns.

Paperback, 160Pages, $26.99, 978-1632504104


One word has so much importance in the knitting world. Texture adds elegance, interest, and an irresistible spark to designs. We all love the smooth, soft feeling of yarn on its own, but sometimes you just have to mix things up, especially during these cold months when you want to add some drama to the standard sweater design. This book has patterns for clothing and accessories, through which knitters explore different stitches, a mixture of gauges, and various shaping techniques for that added intrigue of knitted texture.

Paperback, 96Pages, $18.24, 978-0986103988