August 2022: Table of Contents

What is it about the summertime that makes us all feel so giddy with anticipation? Is it the promise of cabin vacations up north? The spontaneous visits to a waterpark? The enjoyment of a cold sundae in a hot parking lot of a local drive-in? For me, it’s even simpler than that. It’s in the finer details — the way warm nights give way to cooler winds. The return of fireflies that light up the fields over our backyard. The way our garden bursts into life with butterflies and bees. It’s all these little experiences and moments that add up to a memorable season.

If you’re a detailed person, too, I think you’re in for a real treat with this issue. This time, it’s all about the details — from tassels, to cables, to incredible color combinations, this issue is my favorite to date. Before we dive in, you absolutely can’t miss the incredible Solara Swoncho (featured on the cover). The self-striping yarn selected for this project mimics the beauty of a summer sunset and pairs perfectly with the geometric colorwork featured throughout the project. The addition of fringe at the slits on either side really sets this swoncho apart from the rest. You’ll definitely want to knit one this season! And if you’re always on the hunt for more sweater patterns, don’t miss the rest in this issue.

Fancy a summer field day? The Sienna Tank is that staple piece you’ll want to wear all season. Use the trendy Avonlea Headbands to keep hair pulled effortlessly back and store summer essentials (and snacks) in your Brinley Tote that’s complete with a fun fringe front and circular handles. Ready to get in on this vest trend? Look no further than the three new vests featured in our Vest Dressed section. Boasting rich cables, bold color and incredible design work, these vests are the perfect pieces to mix and match with your existing wardrobe.

With new sweaters (including a turtleneck), vests, a poncho, mittens and more, there’s something for every knitter inside.

Happy knitting!
Caitlin Eaton


An abstract landscape painting in beautiful earth tones decorates the front of Illianna, which is designed with a loose, relaxed fit, lush turtleneck and modified drop-shoulder shape. The hems and turtleneck are worked in double ribbing and the colorwork of the front is made with the intarsia method, with the back and sleeves in stockinette stitch. The sweater is worked flat in pieces from the bottom up and sewn together. We can’t wait to see your versions if this incredible piece! Read More 

A simple poncho worked with classic Irish shaping, this project is great for advanced beginners or as a relaxing project on long commutes. It’s worked in a wide garter/stockinette rib pattern to create perpendicular lines of symmetry across the body, with a squishy cowl neck and picot bind off for a final feminine touch. Read More 

Mead is a cropped, relaxed fit, turtleneck vest worked in a soft, worsted weight yarn featuring beautiful, striking cables. It is meant to be worn with 2-8” of positive ease. “Mead” means “from the meadow” and the rows of cables remind us of rows of flowers and flowing fields. Read More