The Nautical Knitting Collection
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Embrace the coastal allure this summer as we embark on a maritime knitting adventure, setting sail in a sea of nautical knits and ocean-inspired hues. With each stitch, we’ll explore the shoreline, conjuring images of breezy seaside days and the timeless elegance of maritime aesthetics. The Boathouse Vest and the Pacifica Stripes Tee beckon with their relaxed, sun-soaked nautical stripes, evoking the spirit of leisurely days spent by the water’s edge.

Immerse yourself in the gentle embrace of the sea breeze with rich, deep blues that anchor themselves in comfy yet classic shapes. The High Tide Tasseled Shawl and the Coastal Cover Up envelop you in the comfort of familiar designs, all while exuding an air of seaside sophistication. These pieces are more than knits; they’re an ode to the eternal romance between land and sea.

It’s impossible to get enough of these nautical knitting patterns, where every project becomes a voyage, every stitch a ripple on the water’s surface. Picture yourself adorned in these maritime-inspired creations, the essence of the sea woven into every fiber. With each garment, you’re not just wearing a piece of clothing; you’re embodying the spirit of coastal living.

Whether you’re an experienced mariner in the world of knitting or just setting out on your voyage, these patterns are designed to inspire and delight. They invite you to craft a wardrobe that mirrors the timeless beauty of the shore, bringing a touch of the maritime into your everyday life.

So, gather your favorite yarns, embrace your trusty needles, and set sail with these nautical knitting patterns. Let the waves of creativity carry you to a summer filled with the breezy charm of coastal living. Happy knitting!


This shawl is right at home on your shoulders as you walk along the boardwalk on a cool morning at the beach. Combining a gradient yarn with a neutral gives this shawl tide-like stripes that will make you want to watch the tide come in. Read More 

This cute and trendy bag is the ideal beach or travel companion. Knit largely in garter stitch and featuring a stockinette anchor encircled by a portal, this adorable bag features classic nautical stripes that will leave you dreaming of the beach all day long.   Read More 

Make a sweet vest for the little sailor in your life. Featuring an intarsia sailboat on the front, this vest is inspired by vintage nautical designs. The shoulders are fastened using buttons to allow for easy dressing. Read More 

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