Your Favorite Knitting Patterns from 2020

As we wrap up this crazy year that is 2020, we wanted to highlight the top 25 knitting patterns of the year as chosen by YOU. It was certainly an interesting year with lots of changes and hurdles to overcome, but what we all quickly realized is that knitting was still here ready to relieve stress, pass time, and generally make life better. We strove to provide inspiring and trendsetting patterns to our readers this year and we look forward to hearing what your favorite pattern is from the bunch. Without further ado, the top 25 patterns of the year!

Orange Ya Glad?

One thing we learned in 2020? To not be afraid of knitting in orange! Bold in all forms, this color is forecasted to be prevalent in 2021 as well. We loved seeing all the ways our designers used this hue from the bright, aptly named Orange You Glad Cardigan to the more muted Harvest Poncho, we are VERY glad to see that you all loved orange knits as well.

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Blocks & Stripes

One trend that we were SO on board with in 2020 were blocks and stripes. Color blocks actually took the form of monochrome blocks instead, which is always a classic fashion statement. Plaid was a fun variation on stripes and of course self-striping yarn is another classic we love.

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Fringe Benefits

One thing is for sure: fringe adds flair. These two designs would have looked lovely without fringe, but we have to say that the addition of fringe adds that fun pizzazz and finish that many knitters love.

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Deep Blue Sea

Knitters had the blues this year, but in a good way! These four patterns show just how versatile this hue is whether dark, light, or vibrant. Blue may seem like the “go-to” color, but these knits prove that you can stand out in this lovely and agreeable color that stands out in the best way possible.

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Green Sleeves

No need to be green with envy! These knits highlight the color green, but specifically, olive green. Two of these patterns feature fun sleeves and the other is a lace scarf that is incredibly versatile.

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Pretty in Pink

From blush to fuchsia, pink might have been the real color of the year. Feminine and bold, these designs range from sweaters to hats with a variety of techniques that highlight these pinky hues.

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Which knitting pattern was your favorite? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

We can’t wait to bring you more gorgeous knits in 2021! Have a happy, safe, and healthy rest of your year!


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