Blumen Baum Mittens

‘Blooming Tree’ gives these mittens their name and is featured prominently on the back of the hand. The design is set off by a small checked border and a narrow stripe; top shaping is worked inside these bands. The small check repeats on the palm while the gusseted thumb is worked in stripes.  1×1 twisted ribbing is used for the cuff.

Skill Level:  Intermediate

Size: Woman’s S/M (M/L) Finished Hand Circumference 8 (9)”. Finished Length 9.5 (10.5)”

Shown in size S/M

Gauge: 28 sts and 28 rows = 4” [10 cm] in stitch pattern


Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Galway Sport (100% Highland wool; 151 yards [138 meters]/50 grams): #705 Blue Heather (MC, 1 skein); #1 Natural (CC, 1 skein)

Needles: US size 4 (3.5mm) set of 4 double-pointed needles

Notions: Stitch markers, holders, tapestry needle

Special Stitches

Tbl: Through back loop.

M1L: Make a clockwise loop and place on RH needle.

M1R: Make a counter-clockwise loop and place on RH needle.

Pattern Notes

To avoid puckering of fabric, carry color not in use loosely across back of work.

Insert stitches for right thumb gusset in area of red sts on main chart and left thumb gusset in area of orange sts.

Increases for thumb gusset are worked as M1L or M1R.


Right Mitten


With MC, CO 48 (54) sts.

Divide sts so there are 16 (18) sts on each needle. Join without twisting, pm between first and last st.

Ribbing Rnd: *K1tbl, p1; rep from * around.

Rep Ribbing Rnd until Cuff meas 2½ (3)” from beg, inc 6 (8) sts on last rnd. (54 (62) sts)

Rearrange sts so there are 27 (31) sts on Needle #1, 14 (16) sts on Needle #2, and 13 (15) sts on Needle #3.

Begin Chart

Referring to Chart for your chosen size, work Rnds 1-3.

Rnd 4: K27 (31) sts of back hand, 5 (6) sts of palm, pm, k1 with CC, pm, work to end of rnd.

Thumb Gusset

Inserting Thumb Gusset between markers in area indicated by red line on chart, (inc 1 st after first marker and 1 st before second marker) on next and every following 3rd rnd 7 (8) times – 15 (17) sts between markers.

Keep rem sts in established main chart patt.

Work 1 rnd even.


Work to first marker, removing markers sl gusset sts to holder, CO 1 st, work to end of rnd.

Work in established patt through Rnd 37 (42) of Chart.

Shape top of hand

Size S/M only

Dec Rnd: Needle #1: Ssk with CC, work in established patt to last 2 sts, k2tog with CC. Needle #2: Ssk with CC, work in patt to end of needle.

Needle #3: Work patt to last 2 sts, k2tog with CC.

Work 1 rnd even in patt.

Size M/L only

Dec Rnd: Needle #1: K1 with CC, ssk with CC, work in patt to last 3 sts, k2tog with CC, k1 with CC.

Needle #2: K1 CC, ssk with CC, work in patt to end of needle.

Needle #3: Work in patt to last 3 sts, k2tog with CC, k1 with CC.

Work 1 rnd even in patt.

All Sizes

Rep last 2 rnds twice more, then rep Dec Rnd only until 14 (18) sts rem.

Rearrange sts onto 2 needles having 7 (9) sts on each needle. Each needle should beg and end with 1 (2) sts of solid stripes, centering patt between.

Cut yarn, leaving an 18” end.

Weave top of mitten tog using Kitchener st.


Making sure that colors line up with thumb gusset stripes, pick up and k3 sts along cast-on st of thumb opening with first needle.

Sl rem sts to 2 DPNs, having 7 (8) sts on Needle #2, and 8 (9) sts on Needle #3. (18 (20) sts)

Work even in established stripe patt until Thumb meas 2 (2.5)” from picked-up sts.

Cut MC.

Dec Rnd 1: Work either k2tog or ssk around, choosing the dec that will cause CC to lay on top of work and be visible. (9 (10) sts)

Knit 1 rnd.

Size S/M only

Dec Rnd 2: (K2tog) 4 times, k1. (5 sts)

Size M/L only

Dec Rnd 2: (K2tog) 5 times. (5 sts)

All Sizes

Cut yarn and draw through rem sts twice.

Left Mitten

Work as for Right Mitten, inserting Thumb Gusset in area of yellow sts on Chart.


Weave in all ends. Block.

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