Why Do I Like Knitting? Gold Club Announcement + Giveaway

It’s here. The new and improved I Like Knitting experience. And we’re giving you a chance to win this experience for yourself. It’s time to #KnitWithGold…

What’s the experience all about you might wonder? We’re talking about I Like Knitting’s brand new Gold Club! Featuring a gorgeous new homepage, easier to use issue-to-issue navigation and perhaps the best part: the all-new Collections Club featuring 12 exciting new themed collections of must-see knitting patterns from baby patterns to stylish vintage knits. The Gold Club is your all-access pass to the best knitting experience on the web. Complete details are here and below on this brand new club. Don’t settle for anything less than Gold status when it comes to your knitting. Go for Gold. Knit with Gold.

So, want a chance to win your very own Gold Club membership? Entering is as simple as answering the question: Why Do I Like Knitting?

It’s a question that I’m sure most of us have the answer to but perhaps have never thought to ask. As knitters, we know that this craft can be challenging and rewarding all at the same time. We knit because we like it. We know you knit because you like it too.

But why? We asked our designers just why they like knitting and why they like I Like Knitting magazine because the curiosity got the best of us. Also, because we wanted to announce our NEW website experience in an exciting way: a giveaway!

Check out what our designers have to say and scroll to see all the details of how you can enter our I Like Knitting Gold Club Giveaway! #WhyDoILikeKnitting


I Like Knitting Gold Club Giveaway

Value: $60.00

Enter for a chance to win one (1) Year-Long subscription to the all-access I Like Knitting Gold Club. 1 Winner will be chosen! The deadline to enter is August 31st, 2019 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time.

Create gorgeous handmade items with I Like Knitting. With designer knitting patterns for home décor, scarves, shawls, baby items, afghans, and so much more, your needles will be busy as you stitch these tech-edited designs for your loved ones.

The winner and all Gold Club members will receive:

  • A 1-year subscription to I Like Knitting Magazine, which includes 6 bi-monthly issues stuffed with 20+ new and exclusive patterns, knitting tips and tricks, and expert techniques.
  • A 1-year subscription to the I Like Knitting Collections Club, which includes 60+ designer patterns.
  • Full access to the I Like Knitting library, which includes instant, complete access to every single pattern, tutorial, and video the magazine has ever published! That’s 5+ years of issues with 700+ designer patterns and tutorials for FREE.
  • Tablet or computer access, so you can take your projects anywhere you go.
  • The digital format means NO shipping & handling charges, and NO waiting at the mailbox for your issues to arrive.
  • Projects are tech-edited so that you never have to worry about pattern errors or ripping out your progress.
  • Absolutely zero advertisements. The magazine features only the best articles, techniques, and inspiration.
  • Knitting tips and tricks from the most trusted voices in the knitting world, Knit Along community events, and free bonus patterns.
  • Video tutorials and stunning photographs for quick and easy learning.

How to Enter

  • Open only to legal residents of United States and its territories (except residents of Puerto Rico) and Canada (except residents of Quebec) at least 13 years old at the time of entry.
  • Giveaway ends August 31st, 2019. Winner will be contacted by email and announced here on this post on September 1st, 2019.
  • Answer the question, “Why Do I Like Knitting?” by commenting on this post and/or sharing the above photo to your Instagram.
  • Each posting gets you an entry. Maximum of 2 entries for this giveaway.
  • Rules for each entry are below.

Commenting: +1 Entry

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Instagram: +1 Entry

  • Share the photo above on your Instagram account and include your answer in your caption
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  • Use the hashtags #WhyDoILikeKnitting and #KnitWithGold in your caption
  • If your Instagram account is private, take a screen shot and email it to submissions(@)ilikeknitting(dot)com with your name for proof of entry.

Open only to legal residents of United States and its territories (except residents of Puerto Rico) and Canada (except residents of Quebec) at least 13 years old at the time of entry. No purchase necessary. Giveaway is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Instagram.

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Why Do I Like Knitting? Answer below!

  • Tracy T.

    It is my MIL that knits, and I appreciate it SO much, she makes me the most incredibly beautiful and comfortable socks, You just can’t buy that in the store. I wish I could knit like her, she is incredibly talented. I would love to win this to give the prize to her.

  • Ranée M.

    I like knitting because it allows me to use my God given desire to create to make beautiful and useful items.

  • Susan S.

    I don’t just like knitting, I love knitting! It relaxes me and allows me to be creative at the same time, with endless decisions about which pattern to use, which yarn, which needles and best of all, who will I knit for. I give most of my knitting away, and that gives me great joy.

  • Rachelle S.

    I like knitting because it’s a whole different world from crochet. It allows me to make things that I just can’t with crochet. And I love learning new things, new stitches, new techniques, always learning!

  • Sandy B.

    I like (love) knitting because it helps me to de-stress and keeps me sane. And at the same time allows me to create wonderful gifts!

  • I like knitting because it gives me a challenge crochet no longer does. It gives me the light weight garments. Crochet gives a heavy fabric. It amazes me the beauty that knitting gives with a fee stitches and their variations you get out of knit and purl.

  • My love of knitting comes from wanting to do things my own way. I’ll take a pattern and adapt it to how I want

  • Eleanor G.

    I like knitting because it has given me a lifelong hobby of creating beautiful, useful and unique items from lovely yarns with minimal equipment.

  • I’ve been knitting for 40 years. I taught myself to knit as a teenager. I like knitting because I can create with my hands and bring joy to others with my knitted gifts.

  • Mary S.

    I’m still a novice at knitting so this giveaway would be very beneficial in helping me learn the skills to create beautiful things.

  • Tami H.

    I like knitting because I love to give handmade gifts to loved ones ! I also enjoy being in my own little space being quiet,just hearing my needles, feeling yarn,,seeing the color choices, and the heightening of my sense that the joy I feel from creating my own item.

  • I love knitting because it is so therapeutic. It allows me to do something that is challenging and familiar so I’m always learning yet still doing something that I have a comfort with.

  • Joetta J.

    Knitting allows me to tap into a creative outlet that calms my inner spirit.

  • Louise M.

    I learned to knit when I was six years old and have not stopped. I am now seventy years old and still knitting when my hands allow me to, I could not imagine having to give it up, I would stay in a dark corner not liking life at all. Knitting is my life. This contest sounds like a dream, thank for the chance to win, Louise.

  • Louise M.

    I am seventy years old and have been knitting since I was six years. I am collecting patterns for my future grandchildren. Knitting is my life and could not imagine a whole day with out knitting is like taking off my fingers, nothing else to do. Thank you for the chance to win,Louise

  • Miriam F.

    While pregnant with all my kids I knitted them their own twin blanket to use when they grew up. It was a great way pass the time!

  • Reader L.

    I love knitting because I have a hard time not doing nothing. I started so I could watch TV with my husband and not feel like I was wasting time. Now that I’m older, because most things I make are donated or given away it helps me feel like I am contributing to the world. I also get bored easily and knitting is challenging. I’ve been knitting for years and very seldom do I make a pattern more than once or twice. I am so thankful that I knit

  • Why do I like knitting? Well… knitting is like a therapy… it calms me down, it allows me to stop anxiety… like a meditation. I just had a total mastectomy surgery and knitting takes my mind out of the problem… knitting is sooo great! I am knitting and crocheying (good word??) since I am around 3 years old. I taught myself by looking at my mom’s… it always have been a passion… and I also love the “sensuality” of a good soft yarn. Knitting is my life and passion.

  • Nicole A.

    I like knitting because knitting is not only therapeutic and helps calm my anxiety dramatically but i love creating beautiful pieces for myself and loved ones – learning new stitches and completing different projects is the best feeling in the world! Plus when making garments they are totally customizable so they fit and feel better than anything you can buy at the store. Trying different yarns is also so much fun! Knitting is a big part of my life and a constant learning experience.

  • Susan S.

    Knitting is my go-to for relaxing & a finish that is all satisfying!

  • Priscilla M.

    I love knitting because it allows my creativity to take free rein and relaxes me at the same time.

  • Carol K.

    I like knitting because it is fun, and you can create something amazing starting with just a pair of needles and a simple ball of yarn!

  • Maureen

    I learned to crochet when i was little but always wanted to knit. As an adult i went to a workshop the library to learn and it clicked! I have been knitting ever since. I really wanted to make my own socks and now I continue to make animals for my kids. I live that a little bit of yarn and time and i have something i made myself.

  • Miriam F.

    Knitting is so relaxing and fun to create something fantastic to share

  • Miriam F.

    I live knitting one blanket I made I entered it in our fair and won first prize! I love knitting you can create anything with knitting


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