Jayden Pearl Brioche Hat

When the cool autumn weather starts to creep in, this brioche hat will keep your noggin warm. The slipped stitches of the brioche, combined with a folded stockinette hem and a pretty picot edge, give the Jayden Hat an extra dose of style.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Size: Child (Adult), Finished Size 16.5 (18.75)” / [42 (47.5) cm] brim circumference x 7.5 (8.5)” / [19 (21.5) cm] length.

Shown in size 18.75” / [47.5 cm]

Gauge: 15 sts = 4” [10 cm] in St st, 14 sts and 30 rnds (10 patt reps) = 4” [10 cm] in Pearl Brioche patt.


Medium weight yarnYarn: Cascade Yarns Eco+ (100% Peruvian Highland wool; 478 yards [437 meters]/250 grams): #9451 Lake Chelan Heather (1 (1) ball)

Needles: US size 7 (4.5 mm) two 16” circular; US size 7 (4.5 mm) DPNs

Notions: Markers, smooth waste yarn in same weight as working yarn, size US G/6 (4 mm) crochet hook for provisional cast-on, tapestry needle


brk1: Knit the slipped and yo sts from the yfsl1yo together.

s2kp: Slip 2 sts together (including the wrap from the yfsl1yo) knitwise to the right needle, k1, pass 2 slipped sts over knit st. (2 sts decreased)

yfsl1yo: Bring yarn to front of work, slip 1 st purlwise, bring yarn over right-hand needle to the back of work creating a yo. Slipped st and yo count as 1 st.

Special Stitches

Provisional Cast-on Method

With waste yarn, beg with slipknot on crochet hook. *Wrap yarn around knitting needle counter-clockwise, then use crochet hook to draw yarn through loop on hook; rep from * for desired number of sts. Fasten off.

Pearl Brioche Stitch (multiple of 2 sts)

Rnd 1: *P1, yfsl1yo; rep from *.

Rnd 2: *K1, brk1; rep from *.

Rnd 3: *Yfsl1yo, p1; rep from *.

Rnd 4: *Brk1, k1; rep from *.

Rep Rnds 1-4.

Pattern Notes

This hat begins with a provisional cast-on. A folded hem is worked in stockinette stitch, with a picot turning round, then the hem is closed using 3 needles.

The Pearl Brioche stitch is worked for the remainder of the hat, working decreases over the top couple inches for the crown shaping.


Brioche Hat

With circular needle, waste yarn, and the Provisional Cast-on Method, CO 60 (70) sts. With working yarn, knit 1 row. Pm for beg of rnd and join to work in the rnd.

Knit 6 rnds.

Turning Rnd: *Yo, k2tog; rep from * around.

Knit 7 rnds.

Carefully remove waste yarn from provisional CO and place 60 (70) CO sts onto a second circular needle.

Fold the hem at Turning Rnd so the purl sides are facing each other and join the sts from each circular needle together by working k2tog (1 st from each needle) all the way around. (60 (70) sts)

Inc Rnd: *K3, m1, k3 (4); rep from * around. (70 (80) sts)

Work in Pearl Brioche Stitch patt until hat meas 6.5 (7.5)” / [16.5 (19) cm] from Turning Rnd of hem, ending after Rnd 1 of patt.

Shape Crown

Set-up Dec Rnd: [K1, brk1] twice, s2kp (including the wrap from the yfsl1yo), pm, *brk1, [k1, brk1] 3 times, s2kp (including the wrap from the yfsl1yo), pm; rep from * to last 3 sts, brk1, k1, brk1. (14 (16) sts dec’d, 56 (64) sts)

Work next rnd of Pearl Brioche Stitch patt as est.

Dec Rnd: Work in Pearl Brioche Stitch patt to 2 sts before m, s2kp (including the wrap from the yfsl1yo, replace m; rep from * around, work to end as est. (14 (16) sts dec’d)

Rep the last 2 rnds twice more. (14 (16) sts)

Work next rnd of Pearl Brioche Stitch patt as est.

Final Rnd: *K2tog (including the wrap from the yfsl1yo); rep from * around. (7 (8) sts)

Break yarn leaving about a 6” / [15 cm] tail. Thread tail through rem sts and pull tight.


Weave in ends. Block piece to measurements.

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