The Brioche Knitting Collection: 11 Beautiful Patterns
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Unveil the mesmerizing artistry of brioche knitting with our exclusive collection of stunning patterns, showcasing a range of exquisite creations including snug scarves, a sumptuous chunky cowl, and a timeless hat destined to become a cherished winter essential. Brioche knitting, renowned for its rich textures and prominent ribbing, encompasses a diverse array of stitch combinations, ingeniously incorporating slipped stitches and yarn overs to craft truly breathtaking results.

While the intricacies of brioche knitting may initially appear daunting, rest assured that mastering this technique is far more approachable than it might seem. The secret lies in the simplicity of its repeated motions, allowing even novice knitters to quickly grasp the rhythm and flow. With a bit of patience and practice, you’ll find yourself effortlessly creating intricate, three-dimensional fabric that’s as luxurious to touch as it is beautiful to behold.

Each pattern in this collection has been thoughtfully designed to showcase the unique beauty of brioche knitting, providing you with a canvas to explore and appreciate this captivating technique. Whether you’re wrapping yourself in the cozy warmth of a brioche scarf or donning the classic elegance of a brioche hat, these creations are bound to elevate your wardrobe with a touch of handmade splendor.


Poppy is a quick project using garter stitch with elongated slipped stitches for visual interest. No matter how you work up this scarf (either by following the pattern or by reading the chart), you’ll love how cozy and beautiful this scarf turns out to be. Read More 

Marilee, with its wavy, leafy, organic shaping is perfect for learning the art of brioche knitting. The merino wool makes it super-squishy and warm. Don’t wait to knit this beauty! Read More 

Azora is a one-skein cowl that combines brioche and garter stitches for a bold and beautiful result. Its two-row pattern is also easily memorized, which makes for a quick and transportable project that can be customized to your liking! Read More 

Hadley uses two-color brioche knitting and garter stitch to form a “checkerboard” pattern. The checkerboard pattern is arranged in tiers diagonally and form staircases on both ends of the scarf. The garter stitch squares are also knitted in the middle of the scarf diagonally. The result is a stunning scarf that looks great on both sides! Read More 

When the cool autumn weather starts to creep in, this brioche hat will keep your noggin warm. The slipped stitches of the brioche, combined with a folded stockinette hem and a pretty picot edge, give the Jayden Hat an extra dose of style. Read More 

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