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Former environmental lobbyist, Angelia Robinson, is a knit and crochet designer residing in Los Angeles. Her playful yet elegant work has been featured in Vogue Knitting: Crochet, Love of Knitting, and Interweave Crochet. Angelia’s creations explore the interplay of shape, texture, and style. She draws daily inspiration from her quartet of children.

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Projects by Angelia Robinson

What are short rows?

Hi Laura,

Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book defines short rows as a way “to add rows in one segment of a piece without decreasing the number of stitches on the needle.” This ability to increase the volume of fabric in selected areas can be applied to your next knitting project in interesting ways.
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Wildfire Block Cowl

Punctuated with bold short row blocks, this generous cowl is worked in stripes of lace and DK weight yarn. Whether you drape this over your shoulders or wear it doubled around your neck, this piece will add a unique accent to almost any outfit

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Fresh Raspberry Tank

This fun and flirty summer top features lace paneling that transitions into stockinette. The v-neck shaping and empire waist give this tank a youthful, feminine silhouette.

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Asymmetrical Mint Cream Top

Diagonal lines disguise hips and accentuate the neck in this figure-flattering, sleeveless tunic. Richly textured yarn also adds interest and creates a unique and versatile garment which can be worn with jeans on a casual weekend or over a swimsuit at the beach.

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Does it matter which cast-on I choose?

Dear Jennifer,

As all knitters are aware, “casting on” is the process of putting stitches on the needle. There are countless ways to do it, but you may have a favorite technique you fall back on most of the time. This might leave you wondering whether the method really makes a difference. After all, stitches are

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How do I control my yarn stash?

Building a large stash is easy because yarn is so addictive. Perhaps your stash is so large and unwieldy that it has become difficult to find (or remember whether you even own) the right yarn when you need it. So what’s a knitter to do? Organize!

Before you begin rearranging your yarn consider how you are

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How to you ensure the right gauge?

Knitting gauge or tension refers to the number of stitches and rows in a given area. Most patterns provide a gauge measured over 4″ or 10 cm. The more stitches/rows per inch means a tighter more dense fabric. If a more loosely knit fabric is desired, the number of stitches/rows per inch should be decreased.

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Picking Up Dropped Stitches

How often have you been in the following position: you’re making great progress on your latest project until you realize the stitch count is off by one. On further inspection, you find a ladder of dropped stitches running down your work. What do you do? Don’t worry – and don’t panic or tear out your

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Which is better: English or Continental Knitting?

Many yarn crafters are curious about English and Continental methods of knitting and wonder whether they should use one or the other. Let’s explore the differences between these two styles. The English method is done with yarn held in the right hand. Stitches are worked by “throwing” or wrapping the yarn around the needle. In

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Pear Trellis Poncho

Perfect for a summer evening, this capelet pairs beautiful knitted lace with an easy crochet trim. The Pear Trellis stitch pattern features leaf-shaped motifs accented by a “trellis” of vertical columns and boasts clean, elegant lines.

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