Alexis Di Gregorio


Alexis Di Gregorio started knitting in 2012, in order to add a hobby to her workaholic life; little did she know knitting would soon become so much more than a hobby. In 2014, she designed her first piece as a favor for a friend, and found her passion. After being told (with love, of course) that the sweater she’d seamed looked like it was sewn “by a five year old with safety scissors,” she’s decided to focus her attention on creating beautiful, flattering seamless knits.

Projects by Alexis Di Gregorio

Riley Halter Cover-Up

You might not think so at first, but summer is a great time to show off your knitted garments. Using lightweight yarns and openwork lace, the Riley Halter is the perfect example of that. Combining a conservatively cut front with an openwork scaly lace in the back, this is the perfect cover-up that everyone will envy.

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Keyhole Pullover

This simple fitted pullover uses texture to highlight a flattering body shaping. The close fitting body is accented by the deep chevrons carved into the body of the pullover design. A keyhole cutout just above the bust adds a contemporary fashion edge and accentuates the fitted look. A heavier lightweight yarn makes this piece perfect for the early fall with its warm days and cool nights.

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Tidal Tank Top

Effortless style with casual femininity was the inspiration for this raglan-style tank top. The lacy border and a fitted silhouette combine with a flattering raglan shoulder line and a diamond-shaped aperture to create plenty of visual interest in this fun-to-knit project.

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Spring Sky Cardigan

Bold and flirty lace makes up the back of this cardigan, combined with the fitted shape to create a casually elegant garment. The body uses strong waist shaping to flatter the female form and a deep, v-neck keeps in the spirit of classic cardigans. You’ll love this modern take on a fun, classic cardi.

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Gazebo Goddess Dress

This comfy dress is the perfect transitional winter-to-fall piece. Belting it at the natural waist adds a fashionable flair for a spring brunch with friends. Paired with a cardigan, tights and booties, this dress is the perfect winter sweater dress. The simple cables on the back are worked without purl relief, creating a fitted look and smooth feel.

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Riverside Cardi

Inspired by a bold feminine silhouette, the Riverside Cardi uses textured patterning at the waist and hips to create a casually elegant garment. The body uses strong waist shaping along with the textures and a wide v-neck to keep in the spirit of classic cardigans. Tiny, two-stitch cables can be worked with, or without, cable needles keeping this piece interesting for knitters of almost all skill levels.

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Sandalwood Pullover

The Sandalwood Pullover is a wonderfully simple sweater—a graduation project for a knitter who has mastered all the easy level skills and wants to pull them all together. The smooth body and sleeves are worked in the round with the yoke and sleeves caps being worked with a simple lace pattern. The result is a comfortable sweater that came be paired equally well with leggings as well as jeans.

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Lavish Lavender Blouse

With long sleeves featuring a long slit, this blouse is a perfect New Year’s Eve party top. The deep concentric diamonds on the side give it a fun texture and bring visual interest to the waist shaping. Beautiful and flattering, this top could just as easily been seen on Zelda Fitzgerald as on this winter’s party goer.

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Woodland Explorer Sweater

Nothing initiates the autumn months like a hike in the cool shade of the woods, and this pattern wraps that experience up and turns it into a sweater. The softly textured raglan design puts a feminine twist on the classic Inverness Fisherman’s style, so you will feel cozy and sweet all in one.

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