The Sweater Weather Knitting Collection for Fall
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As the days grow crisper and the leaves transition to their fiery hues, it’s the perfect time to explore these meticulously crafted patterns. Revel in the symphony of autumnal shades, ranging from deep earthy tones to warm, golden hues, each one hand-picked to capture the essence of the season.

Within this selection, you’ll discover a tapestry of techniques – intricate cables that weave tales of craftsmanship, textured stitches that mimic the natural world, and so much more. These elements come together, transforming yarn into wearable art, ensuring that each knit sweater becomes a cherished addition to your fall attire.

As sweater weather officially takes its hold, let these patterns be your muse, inspiring countless hours of knitting bliss. Each stitch is a testament to the changing seasons, a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us. These knit sweaters aren’t just garments; they’re companions that accompany you through the brisk air and cozy evenings of fall.


When the great outdoors is calling your name, pull on this magnificent cowl sweater to stay warm and fabulous. The design was inspired by Japanese culture and a modern style, combining asymmetry, cables, and lightweight yarn for a must-have addition to your fall wardrobe. Read More 

Big cables, little cables and texture accents mix together in this unisex sweater for a perfect blend of casual comfort. A split welt hem and stockinette stitch saddle shoulders & sleeves add a different take on the traditional Aran design. Read More 

The flowing fit of this tunic is both flattering and chic, resulting in a top that promises to become your go-to fall fashion statement. The body panels are worked from bottom to top, while the sleeves are worked flat. Read More 

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