April 2017: Table of Contents

A Note from the Editor

Rabbits running through meadows, birds chirping from green-tipped trees, the grass green warming underneath an afternoon sun—these are just a few of the things that come to my mind when I think about the start of this new season. And after being surrounded by cold air, slushy sidewalks and gray skies, there’s nothing like stepping outside, coatless, and taking in a deep breath of fresh spring air.

The arrival of spring is also an invitation to start fresh in other areas, whether that means deep cleaning your fridge or knitting new pieces for your wardrobe. For me, that means making a serious dent in the to-do list of my fixer upper home ― but that doesn’t mean I won’t also make time for knitting! No matter what your yarn plans are for this new season, we have you covered in this exciting new issue.

If you’re looking for lightweight wearables that are perfect for freshening up the closet, and also giving to Mom as a Mother’s Day gift, the Celebrate Mom and You’re a Gem collections are just what you need. From lighter-than-air shawls, to a dress, jacket and a tee, these sections will have you dressed in head to toe in must-have knits.

For the retro lovers at heart, the Vintage with a Twist collection is right up your alley. We asked our designers to take traditional vintage styles, add some modern twists with a pinch of creativity, and out came a selection of modern, vintage-inspired designs.

Lastly, we haven’t forgotten about Easter – or those of you (like myself) who happen to love rabbits more than they probably should. The Some Bunny Loves You collection features adorable knits for little ones, a floppy-eared rabbit bag that doubles as a storage container or Easter basket, and even an adorable afghan and pillow set that’s perfect for nurseries or living rooms alike.

Happy knitting,

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Design submissions and article ideas should be sent via email to submissions@ilikeknitting.com


Boccioli Infinity Scarf

Boccioli (blossoms in Italian) is an infinity scarf worked sideways to the desired length, followed by some grafting. Its boldest feature is in its simple lacework that’s enlivened by small bobbles in a contrasting, yet delicate, color. The lace pattern resembles the leaves of Italian heirloom zucchini, with flowers on the top of some branches, each one presented in different lengths to mimic a natural flowering pattern. The design has intentionally a vintage feel, reminiscent of old-hand embroidery with its small bobbles integrated in the lace stitches and the use of a color choice with mild contrasts. Read More 

Steps: With MC, work to the stitch where to insert the Bobble. Insert left needle under the yarn between last worked stitch and the one to be worked from front to back (as it to M1L). With the yarn used for the Bobble, k1 in the backloop, leaving the stitch on needle. Make a yarn… Read More 

As one turns toward the beacon of Marblehead Light, the town itself unfolds on the hillside. You can sense there is something special about the destination, with its deep water and pristine but laid back waterfront; it's a haven from the sea, nourishing your soul as you pick up a mooring ball or drop anchor,… Read More 

Bath Knits: 30 Projects Made to Pamper hit the shelves on February 1, featuring the best of Mary Beth Temple’s knitting designs for a spa-style bathroom.  Teacher, author, and designer Mary Beth uses her extensive experience to create 30 original patterns, including classic washcloths and hand towels, decorative wall hangings and bath mats, and a… Read More 

When seeking safe harbor in the Massachusetts Bay, many the mariner has stopped in Hingham to refresh, refuel, and relax. Good restaurants, a charming downtown historic district, a vibrant and newly repurposed shipyard full of retail options, and—just across the street from the shipyard—a yarn shop, Yarns in the Square.  If you prefer to let… Read More