The Tropical Daydream Knitting Collection
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Indulge in the revival of tropical knitting, where the vibrant allure of palm trees and the playful charm of pineapples take center stage. We’re riding the wave of this trend, inviting you to infuse your wardrobe with the laid-back, sun-soaked spirit of the tropics. No need for a far-flung getaway; with a color palette reminiscent of gentle breezes and splashes of tropical vibrance, these patterns have the power to transport you to your own paradise right at home.

These knitting patterns are a testament to the allure of swaying palms and the glimmering allure of coastal waters. Each stitch carries with it the essence of tropical tranquility, capturing the sensation of a gentle sea breeze on your skin and the soothing sound of waves lapping at the shore.

With this collection, you’re invited to set your out-of-office status to “away” and let your imagination run wild in a tropical daydream. Picture yourself adorned in these breezy, island-inspired creations, embracing the freedom and carefree spirit that comes with the territory.


Get ready for summer with this cute summer top! With a hem composed of palm frond style motifs, you’ll be all aflutter and ready to hit the beach! A detailed sewing and fitting guide is included so you can make sure the straps are exactly how long and where you need them. Read More 

Dreamy sea glass beads and shells accent this bulky cotton-yarn bag, making it perfect for shopping or exploring at a sea side port. Read More 

Seymour is a perfect weekend project. It is knitted in separate parts and sewn together and is shaped by simple increases and decreases. Read More 

You can almost feel the heat of an island sun as soon as this pillow is placed in the room! Featuring a giant palm motif, this charming island pillow is knitted in a single strip, starting with a ribbed section and then stocking stitch. The front is knitted in stocking stitch with the palm frond motif incorporated using the intarsia technique. The result? A perfectly palm-tastic design! Read More 

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