The New Vintage Knitting Collection: Patterns Inspired by Nostalgic Designs
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Transport yourself to an era of timeless elegance with our New Vintage Knitting Collection. If you’re seeking pieces that exude enduring style, this curated assortment of vintage-inspired knits is sure to captivate your heart. These designs seamlessly blend the best trends from yesteryear with fresh, contemporary sensibilities for creations that are truly timeless.

With a selection ranging from accessories to garments to home décor, there’s something for every aspect of your life within this classic collection. So, embark on a journey of knitting that transcends eras and celebrates the enduring beauty of vintage-inspired design. From all of us at I Like Knitting, we hope this collection brings you joy, comfort, and a renewed appreciation for the enduring allure of classic style. Happy knitting!


Vivian uses a deceptively simple stripe pattern to create the illusion of randomness. Worked in the round from the bottom up, this tee looks to be straight out of a vintage pattern book. Have fun playing around with your favorite colorways to create a look that’s uniquely you. Read More 

This bag works up quickly using the garter stitch, but it’s anything but boring! Its fascinating handle technique and ringed tassel accent are the stars of the show — and are so much fun to create! So grab your favorite vintage books and reflect on the days of yesteryear as you work up this timeless bag. Read More 

Colorwork in the front, cute keyhole detail in the back, what more could you want from this cool retro top? Knit in two pieces from the bottom up and seamed at the sides and shoulders, this top has a straightforward construction with lots of coverage from the summer sun. Pair it with mint or salmon-colored pants for a show-stopping vintage ensemble! Read More 

Millie is knit from the center out, and the diamond shapes are a good introduction to lace because they of the way they build on the previous row. As you knit. it becomes easy to see how the design is progressing in this gorgeous project. Tie three corners in a knot to wear in a kerchief style for a timeless look you’ll love all year long. Read More 

Like the look of vintage quilts but you’re not a quilter? Create your own vintage quilt through knitting! Agatha is a beautiful throw worked in gradient and white yarn. The square shapes are created by working garter stitch squares half in white and half in gradient yarn on a diagonal. Later they are sewn together to make this stunning throw. Read More 

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