The Knit Halloween Costume Collection
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Embark on a spooktacular knitting adventure this Halloween season, where creativity knows no bounds! Crafting a Halloween costume with your knitting prowess is not only a delightful showcase of your skills but also a heartfelt way to fashion enchanting ensembles for the young ones who bring magic into your life.

Within this carefully curated collection, you’ll uncover an array of bewitching knitting patterns designed to transform your little ones into the stuff of Halloween dreams. Picture them as adorable, spooky kittens or the perennially adored owls, their imaginations brought to life through the artistry of your needles.

So, pick up your knitting needles and let the magic flow through your fingertips. With these patterns, you’ll not only be crafting costumes, but you’ll be fashioning moments of pure enchantment for your little ones. Happy knitting and a spooktacular Halloween!


Indulge your little one with this fun to knit owl outfit. The feathers are formed by working an easy slip stitch pattern, and a simple ribbing pattern forms both legs. Don’t forget to knit the cozy owl hat to complete the look! Read More 

This adorable baby costume might actually be too cute to be spooky, but either way, work up this pattern to give your new member of the family something to wear for Halloween. The onesie, tail and kitty ear headband will complete this perfect costume. Read More 

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