The Christmas Knitting Collection: 10 Festive Designs
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Embrace the holiday spirit with our delightful collection of patterns designed to infuse your home with warmth and cheer. Each pattern is a testament to the artistry of holiday decoration, offering a range of charming pieces that are destined to become cherished family heirlooms.

Picture adorning your tree with the cutest bear ornaments, their knitted charm adding a touch of whimsy to your holiday festivities. Imagine draping a shimmering garland, resplendent with 3D stars crafted from glistening silver yarn, a dazzling centerpiece that captures the magic of the season.

These patterns are more than just decorations; they’re crafted with love and intention to be passed down through generations, evoking memories of holidays spent together. Picture miniature knit presents gracing your mantel, each one topped with a dainty knit ribbon, a testament to the joy of giving and receiving.

And let’s not forget the stockings, the heart of any holiday home. Whether you choose to knit them in the classic Fair Isle pattern or opt for the playful bobble stitches, these stockings seamlessly integrate with your existing décor, adding a touch of tradition and charm to your holiday ensemble.

With these patterns, your house will be transformed into a festive wonderland, radiating the warmth and joy that the holidays bring. The soft textures, the glimmers of silver, and the intricate details all come together to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere that welcomes family and friends with open arms.


This garland of sparkly, three-dimensional stars will add a festive touch to any window, door frame or mantel. Once you’ve made your own garland, consider using individual stars to create ornaments, package decorations and more. Read More 

These adorable little presents are a fantastic way to incorporate knitting into your festive décor. Perfect for stash busting, make a variety of colorful knit gifts to decorate your mantel this holiday season. Tip: to create a nice, firm fabric for your stuffed presents, make sure to use needles that are one size smaller than the recommended size for your yarn weight. Not only do these knit up quickly, but they pair perfectly with gift cards! Read More 

Vintage glamour brings class to this simple stocking. With a contrasting-colored cuff with intricate lace details, this stocking stands out on your mantel all season long. Read More 

This Christmas Stocking is a change of pace from the usual using country-inspired holiday colors. Featuring a ribbed top and small patterns reminiscent of details found in garments of the Faroe Islands (part of the Kingdom of Denmark), you’ll love how classic this piece will look hanging from your mantel. Read More 

Worked almost entirely in the round, Little Bear is a cute ornament that is quick to make and requires very little finishing. Perfect for the little bear in your life or for your woodland-themed Christmas. Read More 

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