Caley Fisherman’s Rib Scarf 

If you’re in need of a quick and easy scarf pattern and you want to try out the trendy and classic Fisherman’s Rib, Caley is the scarf for you. The vertical stripes and two-color rib that’s reversible is easy to love and easy to knit while watching TV.

Time: Day Project, TV Knitting

Skill Level: Easy

Size: One size, adjustable

Shown with 9” wide x 45” long

Gauge: 12 sts and 32 rows = 4” [10 cm] in Fisherman’s Rib after wet blocking

14 sts and 20 rows = 4” [10 cm] in St st after wet blocking


Yarn: Knit Picks Wonderfluff (70% baby alpaca, 7% Merino wool, 23% nylon; 142 yards [129 meters]/50 grams): 27188 Finnley Heather (MC, 1 ball), 27193 Atlantic Heather (CC, 1 ball)

Needles: US size 9 (6.0 mm) dpns (3 needed), or a 24” or longer circular needle.

Notions: Tapestry needle


LH – left hand

RH – right hand

Special Stitches

Purl 1 Below (p1b): Insert needle as if to purl into the stitch below the stitch on the LH needle (insert needle from back of work), purl, then remove stitch above from the LH needle.

Knit 1 Below (k1b): Insert needle as if to knit into the stitch below the stitch on the LH needle.  knit, then remove the stitch above from the LH needle.

Pattern Notes

This pattern is worked flat in Fisherman’s Rib. The sample used almost exactly 1 skein of each color – you can easily make the scarf adjustable to the amount of yarn you have. Simply continue knitting until you have used almost all of your yarn (leave about 3 to 4 feet of MC remaining), and end your work after completing Row 2 or 4 of the stitch pattern. Then, bind off as written with MC.

If you wish to make a wider scarf, simply cast on more stitches for a total of a multiple of 2 sts + 1.

Please note, you will need to use double-pointed needles or circular needles, despite working flat. Straight needles will not work for this pattern.

When you are changing colors, twist the color you are starting with around the color you just finished with. It will create a nice twist on the edge.


With MC, CO 29 sts.
Knit 1 row.

Row 1 (CC): K1, *p1b, k1, rep from * to end of row. Do NOT turn work.

Row 2 (MC): K1, *p1, k1b, rep from * to last 2 sts, p1, k1. Turn work.

Row 3 (CC): K1, *k1b, p1, rep from * to last 2 sts, k1b, k 1. Do NOT turn work.

Row 4 (MC): K1 *k1, p1b, rep from * to last 2 sts, k2. Turn work.

Rep Rows 1-4 until scarf measures about 45” long, or to desired length, ending with Row 2 or Row 4 (with a minimum of 3-4 feet of MC remaining).

Bind Off

With MC, k1, *sl st back to LH needle, k2tog tbl, rep from * until 1 st rem on RH needle. Cut yarn and pull through.


Weave in ends with tapestry needle. Wash scarf and lay flat to dry.

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