Rheya Raffia Bag

Three innovative techniques are used to create this beachy textured bag. An easy two-row repeat creates a thick, luxurious feel and sturdy structure that we know you’ll love. The clever knit cord and new knit around a metal ring technique look exactly like crochet but are easily made with simple knitting stitches.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Size: 13” tall x 12.5” wide, excluding handles

Gauge: 20 sts and 20 rows = 4” [10 cm] in St st


Medium weight yarn

Yarn: Universal Yarn Yashi Iro (100% Raffia; 124 yards [113 meters]/50 grams): #201 Ocean Dream (MC, 7 balls)

Universal Yarn Yashi (100% Raffia; 99 yards [91 meters]/40 grams): #104 Super Pink (C1, 1 ball), #105 Bright Aqua (C2, 1 ball), # 106 Hot Green (C3, 1 ball),

Needles: US size 10.5 (6.5 mm) 12” straight; US size 7 (4.5 mm) DPNs

Notions: Tapestry needle, one pair Everything Mary #SHO8002 Round Wood Handles (7.5” diameter x 0.875” W), two 2” metal rings, one 1.25” metal loose leaf binder ring, stitch holder, 2.25” x 2.25” square cardboard

Special Stitches

Knit around ring (kar): Insert tip of Right Hand (RH) needle from front to back through center of ring, knit next st on Left Hand (LH) needle, do not remove st from LH needle, bring tip of RH needle from back through center of ring to front and over ring, k into same st where last k st was made, remove st from LH needle, pass first 2 sts on RH needle over last st made.

Lark’s Head Knot: Wrap top loop end of stacked tassel handing cord around one wood handle, pass tassel through the loop, gently pull tassel to tighten loop forming a lark’s head knot.

Pattern Notes

This pattern is worked in rows in 2 pieces from the bottom up, beginning on each side of the CO.



With larger needles and MC, CO 63 sts.

Row 1 (RS): K1, *wyib, sl1k, k1; rep from * across. (63 sts)

Row 2: K1, *p1, k1; rep from * across.

Rep Rows 1-2 for 10”, ending with Row 1.

Left Side

Next Row: K1, [p1, k1] 14 times, p1, k2tog (center dec made), place rem 31 sts on st holder. (31 sts)

**Next 14 Rows: Rep Rows 1-2 for 3”.

Next Row: BO sts kwise.**

Right Side

Move sts from holder onto needle.

Next Row (WS): Rep Row 2. (31 sts)

Next 14 Rows: Rep from ** to ** of Left Side.


Beg on WS, pick up and p63 sts across Front CO edge. (63 sts)

Next Rows: Rep same as for Front, Left Side, and Right Side.


Stacked Tassel

  1. With C1, wrap 30 times around cardboard square. Using an 8” length, tie one end of tassel (top). Cut opposite end of tassel (bottom) and remove from cardboard. Wrap another 8” length several times around tassel approximately 5/8” below top tie. Knot securely. Use needle to insert tie ends down through inside of tassel. Trim bottom of tassel ends even.
  2. Rep last step to make 1 tassel each in C2 and C3.
  3. Thread one end of a 24” length of C1 through tapestry needle. Spread ends of C3 tassel open to find center, insert needle from bottom to top up through C3 tassel, rep for opposite end, knot ends securely to join.
  4. Using rem ends of C1, rep last step to stack and join C2 tassel on top of C3 tassel.
  5. Rep Step 4 to stack and join C1 tassel on top of C2 tassel. Weave rem ends down through top of C1 tassel, trim if necessary.

Knit Hanging Cord

  1. Using smaller needles and C3, leave a 6” tail and using a knitted cast on, CO 25, cut working raffia 6” away from last st made and pull end through last st. Slide stitches off needle. Gently pull on stitches to form cord.
  2. Insert tails of cord through fold at top of C1 tassel and knot ends securely inside top of tassel. Trim close to knot.

First Ring

With smaller needles and C3, using a knitted cast on, CO 31 sts.

Rnd 1: Holding 2” ring in front of LH needle, insert tip of RH needle from front to back through center of ring, k into first st on LH needle, do not rem st from LH needle, bring tip of RH needle back through center of ring to front and over ring, k into same st where last st made, rem st from LH needle, pass first st over last st made, kar in each rem st around, insert RH needle under top lp of first st made at beg of rnd and k this st to join, pass 2nd st over last st made. Working into last st to form hanging cord, use a knitted cast on to CO 6 sts, leaving a 6” tail, cut raffia and pull end through last st. Slide sts off needle and gently pull to form cord.

2nd Ring

With C1, rep same as for First Ring, omitting hanging cord.

3rd Ring

With smaller needles and C2, using a knitted cast on, CO 20 sts.

Rnd 1: Holding 1.25” binder ring in front of LH needle with closed ends at top center, rep Rnd 1 of First Ring to add sts around ring to left side of closed ends until last st rem on LH needle, carefully open closed ends of binder ring. Insert First and 2nd Rings through center of binder ring and close ring ends, work last kar st.


  1. Fold bag with WS together, using MC and tapestry needle, sew a mattress stitch to seam side edges of bag together.
  2. Attach stacked tassel hanging cord to one wood handle using a lark’s head knot.
  3. Place handle centered on RS of bag Front with stacked tassel in center, fold down center edge of Right Side at an angle and use MC to tack into place on WS of bag. Rep to fold and tack Left Side in same manner.
  4. With raffia tail of First Ring hanging cord threaded through needle, insert needle around hanging cord on left side edge of top stacked tassel, insert needle on WS at center top edge of First Ring and sew to WS to secure.

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