Carmine Rose Boot Toppers

These boot toppers will add texture and a pop of pink to any outfit thanks to the chunky, bright-colored yarn that’s used. Modeled after the cozy Feather Gray Boot Toppers from December 2016, this pretty pink version features a smooth ribbed pattern that’s perfect for tucking into your favorite boots. Finish it off with an I-Cord bind off and you’re ready for anything the weather throws your way.

Time: Day Project

Skill Level: Easy

Size: Finished circumference 11 (13, 15, 17)”

2” negative ease recommended.

Shown in size 13”.

Gauge: 16 st and 22 rounds = 4” [10 cm] in ribbing.


Yarn: Cascade Yarns Pacific Chunky (60% Acrylic, 40% Superwash Merino Wool; 120 yards [110 meters]/100 grams): Carmine Rose 106, 1 (1, 2, 2) balls.

Needles: US size 10 (6.0 mm): dpns or 1 long circular to use magic loop method; US size 7 (4.5 mm): dpns.

Notions: Stitch marker; cable needle; tapestry needle.


2/2 RC: slip 2 sts to cable needle (cn), hold at back, k2, k2 from cn.

Special Stitches

Cable Pattern

Rnd 1: *K4, 2/2 RC; rep from * to end of rnd.

Rnds 2, 4, and 6: Knit all sts.

Rnd 3: K2, *2/2 RC, k4; rep from * to last 2 sts of rnd, k2.

Rnd 5: *2/2 RC, K4; rep from * to end of rnd.

Rep Rnds 1-4 for pattern.

**Note:  On each Rnd 5, the 2/2 RC will be worked using the 2 sts from the end of Rnd 2 and the 2 from the start of Rnd 5. To do this you will work to 2 sts before the end of Rnd 4, start 2/2 RC for Rnd 5 by slipping last 2 sts from Rnd 4 to the left needle, complete 2/2 RC, being sure end of round marker is between these 4 sts, work rest of the round as written to last 2 sts, k2.

Pattern Notes

This pattern is worked in the round beginning with the section that will be tucked in to the boot followed by the cabled section that will be visible.  Due to the frequency of the cables, this would be a great pattern to try out cabling without a cable needle.


With larger needle, CO 40 (48, 56, 64) sts, place marker for the end of the round.
Rnd 1: *K3, p1; rep from * to end of rnd.

Rep Rnd 1 until piece meas 2½ ” from CO edge.

Inc Rnd: *K4 (5, 6, 7), kfb; rep from * to end of round – 48 (56, 64, 72) sts.

Work in Cable Pattern until piece meas 2½”, ending on an odd rnd.

Dec Rnd: *K8 (10, 12, 14), k2tog; rep from * 3 more times – 44 (52, 60, 68) sts.

I-Cord Bind Off
With smaller needles, CO 2 sts.

Next Row: *K1, k2tog with last st on the needle and 1 live st from the Boot Topper, slide sts back to the right end of the needle; rep from * until all live sts have been bound off from the Boot Topper. BO 2 rem sts. Sew together the two ends.


Weave in ends. Gently block to measurements.

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