Jacko Lantern Banner

Knit this charming banner using the color blocking technique. It’s the perfect way to bring a spooky touch to your home for your next Halloween soiree.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Size: Approx 18” x 19” [45.5 x 48 cm] excluding loops 

Gauge: 18 sts and 24 rows = 4” [10 cm] in st st


Yarn: Lily Sugar ‘n Cream (100% cotton; 120 yards [109 meters]/71 grams): #00002 Black (A, 3 balls), #01628 Hot Orange (B, 1 ball), #01222 Country Green (C, 1 ball)
Needles: US size 8 (5.0 mm) needles


Bottom Border: With A, CO 3 sts.
**Row 1(WS): Knit.
Row 2: Knit to last st, kfb.
Rep last 2 rows 8 times more; 12 sts.
Next Row (WS): Knit.***
Next Row: Cast off 9 sts; 3 sts rem.**
Rep from ** to ** until work from beg measures approx 16” [40.5 cm], ending at ***. BO.
Turn bottom border sideways; with RS facing and A, pick up and knit 73 sts.
Next Row (WS): Knit.
Proceed in side border pat as follows:
Row 1 and alt rows (RS): Knit to last st; kfb.
Row 2: K2, purl to last st; kfb.
Row 4: K3, purl to last 2 sts, k1, kfb.
Row 6: K4, purl to last 3 sts, k2, kfb.
Row 8: K5, purl to last 4 sts, k3, kfb.
Row 10: K6, purl to last 5 sts, k4, kfb.
Row 12: K7, purl to last 6 sts, k5, kfb.
Row 14: K8, purl to last 7 sts, k6, kfb.
Row 16: K9, purl to last 8 sts, k7, kfb.
Row 18: BO 9 sts, k1, purl to last 9 sts; k8; kfb.
Row 19: BO 9 sts, knit to end of row.
Row 20: K1; purl to last st, k1.
These 20 rows form Side Border Pat.
Keeping cont of Side Border Pat, proceed as follows:
Row 1 (RS): With A, k12, work Row 1 of Chart, reading row from right to left, with A, knit to last st, kfb.
Row 2: With A, k2, p11, work Row 2 of Chart, reading row from left to right, p11, kfb.
1st and 2nd rows of Side Border Pat are complete. Chart is now in position.
Cont in pat to end of chart.

With A, cont in Side Border Pat until work from pick up row measures approx 18” [45.5 cm], ending on Row 19 of Side Border Pat.
Beg with WS row, knit 3 rows.

Hanging Loops
Row 1 (RS): K9, *BO 7 sts; k9 (including st on needle after BO); rep from * 3 times more.
Working on last 9 sts for first loop, proceed in garter st (knit every row) until loop measures 7” [18 cm], ending on a RS row, BO.
Rejoin A to next 9 sts; rep as for first loop.
Rep for rem 3 loops.
Fold cast off edges to WS and sew in position. yarn ball

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