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Get your free knit dishcloth patterns to make your kitchen brighter!

Dear Knitting-Lover,

Finding something to knit that’s quick, easy and giftable can be a challenge — and that’s just one reason to have free knit dishcloth patterns at your fingertips.

When you claim your FREE copy of Let’s Dish: 3 Free Knit Dishcloth Patterns Perfect for Your Kitchen right now, you’ll be itching to knit for your kitchen, your friend’s kitchen and your friend of a friend’s kitchen too!

Think of it this way — knitting for other people can either be enjoyable or disappointing. Knitting quick and easy dishcloths is a great way to test out whether someone appreciates your knitting without spending a ton of time knitting a more intricate piece. Dishcloths like these are the perfect balance of quick, easy and useful. To top it off, these knit dishcloth patterns are free which makes it easier to gift away the designs you knit.

Start off with familiarizing yourself with the stitches you need to know.

For this free download, each dishcloth uses a variety of stitches. It’s important to make sure you practice each stitch before you begin. Luckily, each dishcloth is a beginner pattern so practicing will be super easy.

You’ll need to know the basic knit stitch, purl stitch and moss stitch. Don’t worry if you’re a little new to knitting – you’ll be well on your way to success with our FREE download, Let’s Dish: 3 Free Knit Dishcloth Patterns Perfect for Your Kitchen.

The best part about knitting dishcloths is that the projects are so small that if you make a mistake, it’s not hard to try and try again until you get each pattern just the way you like it.

The second-best part is that these dishcloth patterns are great stash busters. Combine skeins of yarn in wild colors to make vibrant and exciting dishcloths. After all, part of the fun of knitting is creating fun color combinations to suit your fancy.

With your FREE copy of Let’s Dish: 3 Free Knit Dishcloth Patterns Perfect for Your Kitchen that you can download right now, you’ll learn all you need to know about knitting dishcloths!

Free knit dishcloth patterns: #1—Sunshine Dishcloth

This beginner knitting pattern from Jessica Potasz is called the Sunshine Dishcloth because it’s knit in bright yellow yarn for a sunny addition to your kitchen! Use this free and happy knitting pattern to practice basic stitches and to add a dash of bursting color to your kitchen décor.

Go ahead and fall in love with this basic dishcloth because it makes for great DIY gifts. Feel free to make this dishcloth knitting pattern again and again in a range of vibrant colors and tie them up in a stack for the perfect gift for a housewarming party. Include soap, a cute mug and even a matching candle for the cutest kitchen gift set.

Gauge isn’t important for this pattern so you can also use bulkier or thinner yarn than what is called for in this design to create a wide range of sizes and weights depending on what you need the dishcloth for. However, if you want to use these dishcloths as washcloths instead, be sure to use 100 percent cotton yarn as suggested in the pattern for the best results!

Free knit dishcloth patterns: #2—Simple Moss Stitch Dishcloth

The knitting pattern for this dishcloth comes from Heidi Gustad and can be made with any medium or worsted weight yarn — perfect for scrubbing.

In fact, this could be the perfect little stash buster project for those beginners who are ready to move on from stockinette and garter stitch. Get rid of some of that leftover worsted weight yarn and make yourself this cute little dishcloth with a checkerboard texture.

This is definitely a beginner friendly pattern, too. You do have to do the moss stitch, but it’s not an overwhelming or overly complicated stitch to learn. You can do it!

Knit and purl stitches come together to create this adorable dishcloth that will help scrub away your worries. Enjoy!

Free knit dishcloth patterns: #3—Incredibly Easy Knit Dishcloth

Your third free dishcloth knitting pattern, the Incredibly Easy Knit Dishcloth pattern, is also from Heidi Gustad.

Knit yourself a striped little dishcloth in the colors of your kitchen or bathroom. The best part? You can knit one in about an hour! Nothing quite beats a quick knitting pattern, especially if you’re on a tight schedule. Last-minute gift givers, this pattern is for you.

And as always, you’ll have a list of materials needed, along with the detailed pattern.

Free knit dishcloth patterns: Get Pattern Basics

BONUS: This free download comes with a section of all the pattern basics, complete with detailed drawings of each stitch and step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish them, including:

  • Slip Stitch
  • Knitted Cast-On
  • Long Tail Cast-On
  • Cable Cast-On
  • Knit Stitch
  • Purl Stitch
  • Bind-Off
  • Three Needle Bind-Off

Act now to get your FREE copy of Let’s Dish: 3 Free Knit Dishcloth Patterns Perfect for Your Kitchen! Fill your days with quick and easy knitting when you claim your FREE download right now!

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