Sierra Shawl

Skill Level: Beginner

Size: 58” wingspan x 24” depth from center

Gauge: 15.5 sts and 15.5 rows = 4” [10 cm] in Garter stitch before blocking


Medium weight yarnYarn: Plymouth Yarn Encore (75% Acrylic, 25% Wool; 200 yards [183 meters)/100 grams): 1382 Bright Yellow (C3, 1 ball), 0520 Night Grey Heather (C2, 1 ball), 6002 Rimouski (C3, 1 ball), 1202 Sand (C4, 1 ball)

Needles: US size 9 (5.5 mm) straight or circular

Notions: Tapestry needle, tape measure, scissors, four stitch markers

Pattern Notes

WS rows are worked in the same color as the previous RS row.


Color Sequence (RS rows are as follows):

Note: WS rows are worked in the same color as the previous RS row.

Work 5 RS rows of first color (4 rows with C1 because of Set-up Row)

Work 1 RS row of second color

Work 3 RS rows of first color

Work 2 RS rows of second color

Work 2 RS rows of first color

Work 3 RS rows of second color

Work 1 RS row of first color

Start with C1, being the first color and C2 being the second color. When you reach the end of the color sequence, C2 becomes the first color and C3 becomes the second color.

Continue this cycle with all colors.

Using C1, CO 5 sts.

Set-up Row 1: K1, pm, yo, k1, yo, pm, k1, pm, yo, k1, yo, pm, k1. (9 sts)

Set-up Row 2: Knit across row, slipping markers as you come to them.


Row 1 (RS): K1, sm, yo, knit to marker, yo, sm, k1, sm, yo, knit to marker, yo, sm, k1. (4 sts inc’d)

Row 2 (WS): Knit across row, slipping markers as you come to them.

Rep Rows 1-2 following Color Sequence with all colors.

BO kwise with C4.


Block. Weave in ends.


Place tassels along the top (top when worn) row of the largest section of each color. Place tassels starting at the central stitch, the stitches immediately on either side, and then on every fourth stitch.

Small Tassels (C1, C2, C3)

Cut two pieces of yarn each 5.5” long.

Cut another piece of yarn slightly longer and wrap it around the center of the other two strands and tie a knot to hold them together creating a fringe. Tie the fringe onto the shawl using the strand used to tie a knot and then bring those two strands forward along with the others. Use another piece of yarn to wrap around all six strings, the four from the strings folded in half and the two used to hold them together, and tie a knot. Slide this piece about 0.75” down from the top of the tassel. Trim the ends so the total length is about 2.5”.

Large Tassels

Tassels will be placed along the bottom edge of the shawl in C4 and these will be thicker. Follow the same instructions as above only tie six lengths of yarn instead of two.

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