Knit Picks

Denise2Go Essential Interchangeables for Knitters

Cost: $44.95-$59.95 per kit, depending on size and materials of case.

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For all you knitters on the go, how often have you readied your project bag for a trip and been unsure of what exactly you need to take? Should you take multiple projects and multiple needles? What if they get lost somewhere at the bottom of your bag? Denise2Go Essential Interchangeables for Knitters is the perfect knitting travel companion – it stores multiple sets of needles in differing sizes so that whatever projects you want to pack, you’ll have a set of needles in a size to match. Each kit comes in varying materials and different design options, so you can pick the case that best fits you, and the needles themselves.



Cost: $14.99 per kit.

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There are many methods to fixing dropped stitches, but if you need a little extra help, Fix-A-Stitch is for you! Whether you need to repair a dropped garter stitch or you need help fixing a stockinette stitch blunder, Fix-A-Stitch will help repair that problem. Within each pack, you’ll get four different hook sizes and complete usage instructions. Plus, all of that comes inside an adorable little carrying case, so you can fix dropped stitches anytime, anywhere.

La Boheme Yarn

Cost: $33.95 per 100g skein.

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Fiesta Yarns La Boheme is a line that comes in both solid and variegated colorways, and every skein is high-quality and absolutely stunning. Comprised of a blend of fibers, La Boheme produces wonderfully textured results that are bound to draw stares. Each skein is a luxurious blend of wool, nylon and rayon for structure and support with some mohair added for a little hint of softness. Whether you want to make sweaters and vests or shawls and scarves, you can’t go wrong with La Boheme yarn.

Pixie Skein – van Gogh’s Sunflowers

Cost: $25-$29 per skein, depending on yarn weight.

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Beautiful and vibrant hand-dyed yarn is every knitter’s dream, so when a gorgeour color palette comes along, you can’t help but stop and stare. Aptly named in honor of Van Gogh’s Sunflower painting due to its color scheme, Dragonfly Fibers’ hand dyed yarn is 100% all-natural fibers, so whatever your end result will be with this yarn, it’s bound to be super soft and super cozy. There are multiple variations of Sunflowers, each in varying weight and yardage, so any project you dream of is within your reach.