Ask a Knitter

“What are some fast and quick things to knit? I would like to sell some of my knitted items at a craft fair this summer and I need some ideas.”

Many knitters think about selling their creations but turning your hobby into a business isn’t quite as simple as charging a few bucks for a cute knitted hat. Let’s explore a few strategies to make your craft business a success.

Know your market

Before you cast on your first stitch, consider where you will be selling your

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I want to make sure that I’m supporting the right people and companies when it comes to knitting. What’s the best way I can make sure I’m finding the right yarn that’s environmentally friendly, indie dyers, etc.?

Many knitters strive to unite their personal convictions with their crafting. Whether concerned with protecting the environment, maintaining a vegan lifestyle, or supporting fair-trade businesses, there are a variety of products that strive to make your yarn dollars count.



Buying eco-friendly yarn may seem like a no-brainer to most knitters. Many small batch growers, spinners and

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“Do knitters ever use their own slang or lingo? Sometimes I come across odd phrases and I’m not sure what they mean! Can you please help?”

Every group of people with shared interests has its own lingo, and we knitters are no different. There are, of course, abbreviations every new knitter must learn. After all, it would be difficult to read patterns without knowing “ssk” means slip, slip, knit, or “p2tog” means purl two together. But beyond the purely technical terms,

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Yarn Substitutions

Knitting patterns usually call for a particular yarn, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use something else. The secret to successful substitution is understanding weight and fiber content.
Yarn Weight
A yarn’s weight refers to its thickness. The Craft Yarn Council has established a standard grading system ranging #0 for lace weight up to #7 for jumbo

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How do I knit jogless stripes in the round?


Hi Megan,

Stripes are popular with almost all knitters since they add a bit of flair to otherwise plain vanilla projects while creating opportunities to use up leftover yarn in your stash. Unfortunately, knitting stripes in the round can present a bit of a problem. Each time a new color is added, a small hiccup or

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“I’m having trouble with gauge for tops, even though I measure it before I finish the piece. After a few wears, the top doesn’t fit the same. What can I do?”

Hi Brooke,

Some of my favorite fibers to knit with are silk, bamboo, and cotton, but these beautiful yarns have bad memories. They can provide lustrous sheen and magnificent drape to any garment or accessory, but they do not have the natural elasticity or “memory” of wool. This means they just won’t hold their shape over

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