Michele Dobbins

Michele Dobbins hails from a cozy small town in Arkansas, which she visits between semesters at the University, where she is getting her degree in English Literature. Inspired by her love of musical theatre, reading, and traveling, she likes to learn new things each year and floods her apartment--and her family's--with all her various artistic experiments. She would also be perfectly happy to spend the rest of her life crafting and drinking tea.

Projects by Michele Dobbins

Lorel-Eyes Yarn from Lorna’s Laces (A Tribute to the Gilmore Girls)

Once a fan of Gilmore Girls fan, always a fan of Gilmore Girls. If you’re still having withdrawals after the revival at the end of last year, then this yarn will help alleviate your homesickness for Stars Hollow and your favorite mother-daughter duo. Dyed to match the Girls’ dynamic blue-gray eyes, this sock yarn has

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Red Wine Yarn Bowl with Hearts from Blue Room Pottery

If you love a knitter, then you don’t have to think twice about how to show them, especially if you’re struggling to decide what to do for Valentine’s Day this year. Spouses, siblings, knitting partners-in-crime—anyone would appreciate the gorgeous, deep red hues of this handmade ceramic yarn bowl. The heart-shaped spaces are decorative but subtle,

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Big.Knit.Love.: 20 Chunky Knit Fashions

There’s a reason everyone loves chunky knits right now: they’re bold, fast, and unique. If you have recently been tempted to investigate the buzz about those big needles but felt too intimidated, you now have the guide to walk you through using them step by step. Yarn weight gets bumped up, too—these 20 trendy patterns

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Threaded Through Time: A History of Knitting

Most knitters learn their craft from someone special—perhaps a parent, grandparent, or friend sat you down to explain the basics of that addictive first stitch. Yet knitting has been passed down not just from generation to generation, but from continent to continent, century to century, and there is a rich history just waiting to be

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Knitting Up Style: Introducing the Super Scarf!

The Craft Yarn Council has long established itself as a key player in the crochet and knitting world by organizing and advancing yarn companies like Red Heart Yarn, Lion Brand, Annie’s, and more. Representing the limitless potential of working with fiber, the CYC hosts events for I Love Yarn Day to inspire regulars and attract

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