Christie WN

Trained as a Chartered Management Accountant, Christie took up knitting in 2015 as a productive outlet after reducing working hours due to chronic illnesses that resulted in spending a lot of time sitting or lying down.  She also crochets, weaves, makes bobbin lace, does dressmaking, cross stitch and kumihimo braiding, and has been known to dive into any textile based rabbit hole that crosses her path.  Christie has self-published knitting patterns on Ravelry and has been featured in online knitting magazines.  She describes her style as classic but with a quirky twist.


Find Christie on Ravelry/Instagram as christiewn.

Projects by Christie WN

Step Into Tie Dye Tutorial

Ready to create your own unique colorways using sock blanks and tie-dye? It’s easier than you think! Get creative in your color choices and have fun creating your own tie-dye socks that are one of a kind.

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Solano Tie Dye Socks

Use a ready made double stranded sock blank and just two colors of dye to produce your own personalized yarn to knit socks with. The result will be one of a kind!

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