Anjali M

Anjali M. is a web applications developer by day and a knitter, designer and technical editor in her spare time. She took up knitting to give the love of hand knits to her little one and gradually branched into designing. She lives with her husband and a hyper-active, inquisitive son in Bangalore, India. She is disappointed that the city never gets too cold to do justice to her hand knits. She blogs about her adventures in knitting and designing on

Projects by Anjali M

A Knitter’s Take on Tie-Dye

Think tie-dye is only for t-shirts? Think again! Tie-Dye is a resist dyeing technique, which involves tying the fabric to prevent dye from reaching every portion of the fabric. The result is a colorful piece of fabric featuring unique white swirls, starbursts and lines, depending on how you tie it prior to dyeing.

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Winter Sunset Tie Dye Scarf

Tie dye is back and we wanted to get in on the fun. While there are a variety of painted and variegated yarns that provide a “tie dye” effect when knitted up, this scarf is different. What makes this scarf special is that it’s actually tie dyed! Knit the simple scarf first, then tie dye it using traditional twisting and tying techniques. The result is a scarf that is uniquely yours.

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Honey Bee Wrap

The Honey Bee Wrap is an arrow-shaped wrap, pointy at one end and V-shaped at the other end. It is knit in sections (like a sampler shawl) with some easy, mindless stitches like garter and stockinette, and interspersed with interesting sections of bobbles, honeycomb lace and stripes.

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