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Handmade Knitting Teacups on Bamboo Needles

Knitting Teacups

Sitting down with a new pattern is invigorating, and your supplies should live up to the challenge. Let your knitting personality shine with these spunky knitting needles. Cute, colorful, and handmade from polymer clay, these yarn-filled teacups add originality to the knitting process. You choose one of the seven colors, and they can be attached

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Red Wine Yarn Bowl with Hearts from Blue Room Pottery

Yarn Bowl

If you love a knitter, then you don’t have to think twice about how to show them, especially if you’re struggling to decide what to do for Valentine’s Day this year. Spouses, siblings, knitting partners-in-crime—anyone would appreciate the gorgeous, deep red hues of this handmade ceramic yarn bowl. The heart-shaped spaces are decorative but subtle,

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One word has so much importance in the knitting world. Texture adds elegance, interest, and an irresistible spark to designs. We all love the smooth, soft feeling of yarn on its own, but sometimes you just have to mix things up, especially during these cold months when you want to add some drama to the

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Big.Knit.Love.: 20 Chunky Knit Fashions

Big Knit Love BIGGER

There’s a reason everyone loves chunky knits right now: they’re bold, fast, and unique. If you have recently been tempted to investigate the buzz about those big needles but felt too intimidated, you now have the guide to walk you through using them step by step. Yarn weight gets bumped up, too—these 20 trendy patterns

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How do I knit jogless stripes in the round?


Hi Megan,

Stripes are popular with almost all knitters since they add a bit of flair to otherwise plain vanilla projects while creating opportunities to use up leftover yarn in your stash. Unfortunately, knitting stripes in the round can present a bit of a problem. Each time a new color is added, a small hiccup or

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Why I Love Knitting: A Love Letter to My Favorite Hobby

Word "love" and red envelope with letter on wooden background. View from above. Valentines Day concept

In the world of superheroes, they have these things called origin stories. You know, the part of the movie that usually encompasses the first however many minutes of the film? The part when you learn that Captain America (or whoever) started out as an underweight Army reject before undergoing the science experiment that made him

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