April 2016: Table of Contents

A Note from the Editor

This spring marks the first warm season in my new home. While the winter gave me a chance to cuddle up under warm blankets with hot tea and my latest work-in-progress, there’s something captivating about spring − green grass sprinkled with dew, the not-too-warm air fresh and light, carrying the smell of honeysuckle and tulips over from the neighbor’s yard.

Even the garden celebrates the shift in season, dotting its brown soil with bold and brilliant flowers in soft, pastel shades. Spring is nature’s chance to recharge itself, transforming once snow-laden fields into patches of brilliant greens under blue skies.

With this in mind we turned to our designers to create a selection of projects infused with color that are ideal for creating fresh looks. Just page through this issue to discover a project for every occasion, from Easter Sunday celebrations to an afternoon brunch with friends. For low-key events, pair the gorgeous Sunshine Lace Scarf with your favorite jeans to create a casual look with just a touch of homemade flair. Or, refresh your spring wardrobe with a few clothing staples from the Dress to Impress and Elegance and Lace sections.

Plus, don’t forget Mother’s Day! Give Mom a gift she’ll use all season long and knit her a delicate Violet Buttercup Shawl. It’s elegant and beautiful, just like she is.

Happy spring,

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Design submissions and article ideas should be sent via email to submissions@ilikeknitting.com


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