Knit Lit

Knit Superheroes!: 12 Animals–Caped, Masked & Ready for Action

Everyone’s a superhero, and now you can prove it! Use your superpowers to create your own little superhero animals, each with their own cape! With patterns for beginners to experts, create your own band of loveable animal sidekicks. Choose from 12 adorable animals, from squirrels and dogs to sheep and raccoons. Each pattern is super easy to follow and has full-color photos to help you carefully craft each adorable critter.

Paperback, 96 Pages, $22.99, 978-1604686128

The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns: Learn to Write Patterns Others Can Knit

Kate Atherley walks you through the necessary steps to create custom knitting patterns to share and sell! The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns is your one-stop resource with guidelines on writing patterns, schematics and charts, dealing with multiple sizes and how to establish your own personal style sheet. Plus, it includes tips on dealing with a test knitter for each piece and an overview on important copyright laws. Start creating your own patterns today!

Paperback, 128 Pages, $27.99, 978-1632504340

The Knitting Bible

Every knitter needs a complete stitch guide to refer to when inspiration has yet to strike or in times of doubt. The Knitting Bible, from Phildar, features over 300 stitch patterns that are easy to combine into any type of project. Charts and written instructions are included for each individual stitch, with stitch keys next to charts for ease. Every stitch is grouped by type, so whether you’re after basic options, something with lace or even something with cables, you’ll be able to find what you need with ease.

Hardcover, 256 Pages, $24.99, 978-1441319746

Wee Garter Stitch: Must-Have Knits for Modern Babies & Toddlers

Wee Garter Stitch, from popular knitting personality Vickie Howell, delivers a too-cute collection of must-have knits for babies and toddlers alike. All these knits showcase a fresh approach to garter stitch, making these projects easy and fun to make. Within the pages of this pattern collection are 28 girl, boy and unisex items including ponchos, hats, sweaters and even adorable fringed moccasins! Each pattern features full color photos and clear instructions to walk you through each piece with ease.

Paperback , 96 Pages, $17.95, 978-1942021926