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A Note from the Editor

“I did it, Dad!” I said, looking down on the concrete to admire my handy work. Ten pine tree saplings were placed neatly in a row, side by side. Their excess dirt, once protecting the fragile roots of the tiny trees, had been shaken off. The roots were hot and dry, baking in the afternoon sun. I smiled up at my dad, waiting. “Wow!” he said. His brow furrowed, nervous. “Tell you what, pumpkin. Let’s get these trees back in the bag so we can get them planted. Want to help me?”

“Really? Let’s plant them right now, Daddy!” I ran around the back of the house and grabbed a small bucket. My sundress whipped in the wind as I ran, briefly catching itself between my legs, causing me to stumble in excitement. I joined my Dad, pail in hand, and headed into our family’s tree nursery where we planted the trees together, one by one.

It’s been 20 years since I planted those trees, but I remember it well – the heat from the sunlight on my cheeks, the collected coolness of the dirt digging under my fingernails. Never once did my Dad scold me for endangering the trees. And you know what? Those trees are still alive today, thriving in their new environment. They’ve been homes to several flocks of birds, have sheltered wild rabbits from the rain; they watched me grow up. He may not have known it, but he taught me an important lesson that day: Be kind. Encourage others. Make a difference. And what better time to start than right now? With the weather heating up and flowers coming into bloom, it’s the perfect time to invite family and friends over for a summer potluck. While you’re entertaining guests, you’ll love the donning the gorgeous Island Days Wrap and Flamingo Pink Tee, both designed specifically for the season. Plus, don’t worry about what to get Dad for Father’s Day. The Pappa Vest and Dad’s Dress Socks are both classic patterns every Father will cherish.

So no matter if you’re looking to treat yourself or one of your closest friends (or both!) this latest issue has something for everyone.

Happy knitting,

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P.S. You’re especially going to love the Summer Reading Blankie!

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