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ILK February 2016 Cover

A Note from the Editor

Walking down the cobblestone streets, the crowds hustled in and out of the stores as they hunted for sales. In the middle, there it stood: a giant castle in the midst of the shopping center, made of brick, with stained glass windows and a pointed roof. It was breathtaking; the setting of a fairytale yet to be written, but everyone hurried passed it. They were too used to its presence by now and too concerned about getting out of the rain and into the shops. Isn’t it amazing how much beauty we miss from right beneath our noses?

With a new year in front of us, I challenge you to see the wonder that’s all around you. Don’t take anything for granted, including your ability to knit and share that craft with others. In the same vain, embrace all the changes the new year has to offer, even if that means something as simple as learning how to knit cables for the first time. And lucky for us, knitting’s popularity is growing. When I was in England over Christmas vacation, I noticed the most wonderful trend: chunky knits were everywhere. From lush cabled blankets to boldly colored pillows and floppy hats, yarn was the highlight of store displays. In fact, the only thing I didn’t like were the prices. Every piece, while beautiful, was extremely expensive. Armed with this knowledge and a team of talented designers, we set out to create a special issue full of warm and trendy projects that are affordable, unique and easy to customize.

As you dive into this issue of new knits for the new year, make sure you don’t miss my personal favorite, the Lilac Fields Throw. Comprised of twisted stitches, cables and pops of lace, this elegant statement blanket will transform your home into a cozy paradise. And don’t forget to knit yourself a new pair of mittens using the rustic-chic Swan Lake Set. The pattern even includes a matching hat!

For the lace lovers out there, we haven’t forgotten you. For a real treat, check out the Romantic Lace Poncho. Its intricate design with rows of lace hearts is bound to make even the hardest of souls swoon.

Happy knitting,

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