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Get your free summer knitting patterns to help you make good use of your summer days!

Dear Knitting-Lover,

Those lazy days of summer are the perfect time for knitting — especially when you have free summer knitting patterns to help guide you.

When you claim your FREE copy of Beat the Heat: 3 Free Summer Knitting Patterns right now, you’ll be well equipped for filling your summer days with joyful and relaxing knitting!

Take it from me — I’ve been a yarn-lover for most of my life (I was six years old when my grandma showed me how to make my own scarf), and I can honestly say that there’s nothing like sitting back on a hot summer day and relaxing with my knitting needles. And when I have free summer knitting patterns, it makes it easier to enjoy my knitting time.

Start off with a FREE tutorial before tackling your free summer knitting patterns.

For this free download, we’ve featured Jessica Potasz of the “Mama in a Stitch” blog and her step-by-step tutorial about how to knit a cable. Cable patterns are classic, yet they have also become very trendy—you can find them on everything from knitwear to blankets.

Cable knitting originally intimidated Jessica, until she tried them out for herself and realized how easy they really are. And now she’s sharing her cable-knitting wisdom and expertise with you in our FREE download, Beat the Heat: 3 Free Summer Knitting Patterns.

With Jessica’s tutorial, you’ll get specific advice about the materials you’ll need to start your cable knits — including a recommended yarn brand, preferred knitting needles, and the cable needle you need depicted in full color and detail.

Next, follow the step-by-step instructions about how to knit a cable—each step is portrayed with a detailed photo to illustrate how easy it is for you to knit a cable, and the written instructions are clear and concise.

With your FREE copy of Beat the Heat: 3 Free Summer Knitting Patterns that you can download right now, you’ll learn all about how to knit a cable!

Free Summer Knitting Patterns: #1—Easy Cable Knit Headband

This simple knitting pattern from Heidi Gustad is called the Easy Cable Knit Headband because it’s easy for you to show off your newly acquired cabling skills! Use this free summer knitting pattern to practice cables and to master this fun look that’s bursting with texture.

Go ahead and fall in love with this knitted headband because it makes for great DIY gifts. Feel free to make this headband knitting pattern in a range of lush colors to match any outfit.

You can also use bulkier or thinner yarn than what is called for in this pattern to create a wide range of sizes and weights for any season. You’ll want to wear this knit headband all day long, and you’ll feel so accomplished once you’ve mastered this new skill in your knitting repertoire!

Free Summer Knitting Patterns: #2—Cute Sunglasses Case

The knitting pattern for this case comes from Jessica Potasz and is made with lightweight cotton — perfect for the warmer months, but you can use any worsted-weight yarn that you have in your stash.

In fact, this could be the perfect little summer stash-buster project. Get rid of some of that leftover yarn and make yourself this cute little case to throw in your purse for protecting your sunglasses.

This is definitely a beginner friendly pattern, too. You do have to do simple color changes, but it’s so easy! If you know how to knit and purl, you can do this for sure.

This case is just right for sunglasses, but it can also hold a cell phone — what a unique cell-phone holder!

Free Summer Knitting Patterns: #3—Spring Meadow Scarf

Your third free summer knitting pattern, the Spring Meadow Scarf pattern, is also from Heidi Gustad.

Knit yourself a Spring Meadow Scarf for the most stunning lacy addition to your wardrobe in years. Nothing quite beats the blues, grays and greens of this yarn, reminiscent of a quiet pond on a lazy day. This scarf is knit in five lovely sections and four transitions that seamlessly join them together.

And as always, you’ll have a list of materials needed, along with the detailed pattern and pattern notes.

Free Summer Knitting Patterns: Get Pattern Basics

BONUS: This free download comes with a section of all the pattern basics, complete with detailed drawings of each stitch and step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish them, including:

  • Slip Stitch
  • Knitted Cast-On
  • Long Tail Cast-On
  • Cable Cast-On
  • Knit Stitch
  • Purl Stitch
  • Bind-Off
  • Three Needle Bind-Off

Act now to get your FREE copy of Beat the Heat: 3 Free Summer Knitting Patterns<>/a>! Fill your summer days with joyful knitting when you claim your FREE download right now!

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