Knit Picks

Japanese Knot Project Bag

Cost: $48.00


This is a unique and colorful project bag that can hold two small projects at once! Each bag is reversible and features a zippered pocket to hold all of your little knitting knick knacks, no matter how small. Closing the bag is easy: just pull the long-handle loop through the other. Each bag is hand sewn and is truly one of a kind.

Knitting Needle 1937 Patent Print

Cost: $15.93+


This is the perfect addition to your knitting corner. The original knitting patent is a piece of history that has been digitally restored to create a stunning print in either white, chalkboard, vintage or blueprint style. Showcase your (clearly) favorite invention in a unique and artistic way.

Personalized Knitting Needle Bag

Cost: $20.34


Whether you want something special for yourself or a cute gift idea for your best knitting friend, this little knitting needle pouch is just what knitting needles need. Customize it with your name for a personal gift that’s a must have.

Knitting Printed Pencil Set

Cost: $9.46+


Forget boring pencils. Notes on knitting patterns require something more: this set of punny pencils in bold pink and black colors. With phrases like Just Unwind, Knitty Gritty and All You Knit Is Love, these pencils are the perfect addition to your knitting routine.