Knit Picks

Boho Wooden Buttons

Cost: $2.25

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Several of our favorite cardigans and knit accessories call for button embellishments, giving you the perfect opportunity to add a pop of your own style to a pattern. Plus, these cute — and affordable — buttons feature a Boho style perfect for the summer season.

Engraved Bamboo Knitting Needles

Cost: $18.00

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How can you resist combining your favorite quote with your favorite hobby? These high-quality needles adorned with a personal message will make you feel special every time you knit. Choose from several font choices and any phrase you want (up to 55 characters including spaces).

Glitter Yarn Kleopatra

Cost: $4.69

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Yes, it is an adventurous decision to incorporate sparkle into your design, but knitters always need to try new things! Plus, the fun glitter is great for warm-weather designs, especially mermaid-inspired beach attire or a spunky outfit for baby.

Natural Fabric Labels – Customized Tags

Cost: $23.00+

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This product could be a lifesaver for those of you with a budding knitting business. These labels could also be helpful for those knitters who frequently give knit gifts and would like to insert a personal note or a size tag for those growing little ones. Made with soft and undyed fabric, these tags can be customized by adding your logo and adjusting the size to suit your needs.